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  1. Hey love feel free to IM me in wolrd Ralrena
  2. I am Ralrena And I am also looking to meet new people friends family who knows maybe more feel free to send me to IM me Ralrena
  3. looking for a mom Dont want to rush into anything feel free to IM Ralrena
  4. I am Ralrena. I normally just go by Ral though. I am fairly new to SL but have picked it up pretty quick. I am very out going and am always looking for trouble to get into. Id like to meet some new people and have a family with a mother father ect. I am also open to a relatiobship but would definitly want to talk first haha. Feel free to IM me I am normally around and if I am not I will see it as soon as I get on xD
  5. Feel free to send me an IM I am from the states, I cant say That we will end up together but who knows life if full of surpises. The only way we will know is if we become friends first haha I am Ralrena
  6. Feel free to send an Im My way I am Ralrena
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