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  1. I understand that as I own mainland. However, my question was if I buy a region on mainland, will I in addition, have to pay for both lands.
  2. Why are we even having this discussion here. We first of all are in the US but most of SL is all over the world. Y are not going to change anyone's opinion and nor am I. I am a democrat now because I choose to be in my real life, but here in SL we have no elections so in my second life, I don't have to worry about political issues. Here in your second life you are not republican as I am not democratic. The club should be the last place for having this discussion for both you and the others. If they start talking about it or hinting at it then just leave and come back another day. Don't get kic
  3. My question here is if I buy a full region of mainland and sell my half of a region would I have to pay for both at the beginning of the new month.
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