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  1. well, i have been in SL for 8 months and i have learnen so much about everything there i think you just have bad luck, i found a family real fast and i wasn't even looking for it, and they and some other friends and people i meet in my time teached me to RL, to look for stuff on mp and inworld stores, to make appearances, etc... it has been very fun and helpful, and i don't think i'll ever regret the time i spend with they, is obvious you will find people who doesn't know anything, not even learn, but is the same RL, you will find airheads and you can't help them if they don't want, so complain about it seems useless and makes you look like a hater, most of your points are things you can't fix, just because is imposible, you can try help some newbies to RP or maybe make manuals, clases, etc... but just complain about it... well, you should know the next words right? about the poseballs and furries, just let them be, look other thing, go other sim, watch other people, just look at them and hate is worst than be one of they, because at least they have their fun, and you don't because you're acting like a Grintch, just be cool and do your stuff, let people to theirs. same with the people who spend on other people, is their problem, not yours, if you don't like, don't do it, but as in RL you can't make people change their minds, you can't do it in SL, you have to remember you're talking with persons, that exist in RL and not machines you can program to be cool, i bet you know people like that in RL and you should know puting a paper with "learn your language, study and get a job you lazy ass" it will makes nothing, right? of course. so one more time ( =_= i hate to say it so many times) stop complain about people, if you have problems with they, try teach, not hate, if you don't like something, ignore it or leave it, so, if you don't like SL just do other thing, if you like then help it to be better
  2. look for "hentai high" is pretty cool
  3. hola o3o pues hispanos casi no conosco, pero puedes ir a Dross x3 hay mucha gente ahi, yo eh hecho varios amigos y amm... igual puedo ser tu amiga
  4. hola, busco gente para platicar, jugar, hacer relajo :D y divertirnos, asi que si les intereza tener una amiga malvada y cruel que quiere cocinar langostas gigantes hablenme :3
  5. hii, i'm looking for friends to chat, hang around, spend time etc.. :3 i'm easy to talk and usually i talk a lot .__. seriously... so if you are interested in a good friend just IM me x3 hola, busco amigos para platicar, pasear, perder el tiempo, etc... x3 puedes hablarme de lo que sea :) amm... asi que si te intereza solo enviame un mensaje :3
  6. hii i can be your friend :C i'm very friendly... guess uwu sho sho sho, oh right i'm also into anime ._. and cosplay coff coff don't remember that x3 and more stuff
  7. Hola, estoy buscando amigos porque llevo unas semanas aqui y apenas tengo unos pocos ;__; asi que me siento solita >.< pueden enviarme IM :3 no hay problema, amm... me gusta lo furry mas que otra cosa -w- pero igual pueden enviar IM jojojo y amm.... sip es todo :D peace ✌(◕‿-)✌
  8. Hii, i'm looking for a job -w- to many cute stuff i want to buy >3< so if you are looking for somebody, feel free to IM me :D maybe i can help (work :b) these are some of my normal outfits :) 
  9. Hii, i'm looking for a job -w- to many cute stuff i want to buy >3< so if you are looking for somebody, feel free to IM me :D maybe i can help (work :b) these are some of my normal outfits :) 
  10. i like to be in clubs, haning out with people, amm... walk around meeting maps :3
  11. Hiii , i'm a Kemono :3 who loves to be in clubs, dancing, hanging out, shopping, RP, meet people, and more >3< and i'm learning everything since i'm kind of new here, please be gentle with me o////o Feel free to IM me n.< byebye ✌(◕‿-)✌
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