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  1. holi, creo que el problema es que tu avatar es muy pesado, hay sims donde tienes que quitarte huds o cambiar de avi a uno lijero para poder entrar, n.n talvez sea eso, deberias probar
  2. ahh!! una persona >.< (corre)
  3. Panda!!! x3 amm... perdon, no se como arreglarlo, cuando a mi me pasa con una cabeza de *tsg* solo debo reiniciar el visor y se arregla, o teleportarme a algun lado y aparesco ya con la sombra talvez debas reducir la calidad de video o revisar este video podria ayudar... suerte
  4. hehehe, sorry i can't imagine a world with 800 persons just sitting doing nothing, waiting for somebody to come with they and scream "hey, i want a friend", an instant later, everybody made a line to meet this new guy, like nobody else has a life. but seriously, you're just having some bad luck, keep trying :3 and you will make tons of friends.
  5. hehe, good luck finding a roomate :3 that's always a good way to meet new friends
  6. yes, asking the real life of the people inside SL is like meeting somebody in the real world and asking him how big is his p*nis, or something like that, "hi, nice to meet you, hey, have you ever murder somebody?" no... just no, people shares whatever they feel good to share, but you can't expect to know all of them to see if can be your friends or no, just keep having a good time and don't think to much if people around you is good people, but if you're a good person with they.
  7. hii, i've a question, what a stream is??
  8. hii, i may be your friend :3 i'm recently 1 year here but i'm doing pretty good, i guess... whatever, amm.... i like some comics too, movies, series, animes, books, drinks, games, bla bla bla... i mean, it would be fun to chill with more people n.n and amm... sometimes in my family we log all of them and the house is like a big chaos @_@ but very fun, so feel free to IM me whenever you can n.n j don't really have an hour to be online but i'm when i can and recently i've been on a lot of time x_x.
  9. hii, amm...i can be your friend :3 i mean, i love to talk... a lot, so yeah, oh oh also is always fun to meet new people, so feel free to IM me whenever you want n.nu sometimes i'm afk napping or cooking but i always answer when i'm back
  10. hola, puedes usar un skybox, o poner paredes muy grandes con alguna textura para que no te vean :3, algunos le ponen fondos de paisajes y se ven bastante bien
  11. donde dice "Name Tags" o "Etiquetas de nombre" algo asi debe estar, dale a "si" y todas las demas opciones se vuelven modificables
  12. porque puedes tener una comunidad que viva en todo el mundo y te cuente historias que talvez jamas podrias aprender de otro modo asi se como nos ven personas de otros estados, como piensan sobre sus paises, el mio, la comida, palabras, historias de terror y todo, no te encierres en tu propio pais, exploralo todo y tambien has amigos de tu pais x3 asi talvez puedas salir con ellos en RL o simplemente platicar algo mas comun como la lluvia de la mañana, o que se quemo una dulceria ;_;
  13. yes, don't worry about the 1 partnership, you can always have more lovers, wifes, husbands, etc... is like rl, i mean, i don't sign a papper to have a boyfriend, we just say we're couple and that's it, and amm... yeah, i'm in a poly relationship here because is super fun and awesome and stuff, but i don't really have a partner.
  14. hola eso es muy sencillo, compra un "bot de seguridad" en el mercado :3 nosotras conseguimos uno por 1000 $L y es bastante util tambien si eres el dueño del sim, puedes restringir quien entra por ejemplo a un grupo como no se "Mony fans" y solo las personas de ahi pueden entrar al sim :3 te recomiendo ver tutoriales en youtube para saber los detalles n.n
  15. monykony


    hola, creo que este deberia ir al foro "Español" :3 sera mas facil que te respondan ahi n.nU y pues yo puedo ser tu amiga aunque eh estado ocupada estos dias pero me gusta hablar mucho y asi, me gusta hacer muchas cosas y eso, sip, y eso. hii, i think your post should be at the "Español" forum :3
  16. well, i'm a super bot, made by some Gooxxx something company, and i'm programed to learn about humans, their living mode and how to terminate them like that movie "Terminator" because that something company is making real Skynet :3 so please help me in my mission ♥
  17. hi hii, i can be your friend amm... i like to do like everything and talk about a lot of things, actually guess i'm a little bit loudy (talks a lot) but yeah i don't mind having more friends, is always nice to meet a new person
  18. i suggest you to live in a private land, the cost is almost the same but it looks so much better and sorry uwu i don't have an answer for your question, i did what i suggested you.
  19. hii hii, i can be your friend :3 i like anime, comics, videogames, sports, cooking, reading, chilling, shopping, dancing, and like a trillion more things x3 so yeah, let's walk with a penguin suit for the streets
  20. i usually cook Japanese food and coffee or tea, only once in a while i get fast food.
  21. hehe, thank you n.nu but i'm looking for a custome one, because of the shape anyway, thank you for your time
  22. you need to watch more anime n.< anime fullfil your life with everything uwur, also i can be your friend, guess, i do a lot of things on SL like this and that and hang out here, there, bla bla bla... x3
  23. hello, amm... me... again i'm looking for this bra for Maitreya body but i would know how much it will cost me as item, not applier n.nU also, if is possible to have a script or hud to change the colors of bra and flames, that would be actually awesome
  24. well, thanks for answer me and trying to help :3
  25. hii, i'm looking for some fishnet stockings, for Maitreya body, like this, to use them with boots, so i would prefer if ends before the feet starts, :3 you can IM me inworld, oh, color black >.< ohh i forgot, i'm not looking for appiers, i want a mesh item to add it and detach it, that's why is turning so troublesome
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