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  1. 2 hours ago, Aili Panthar said:

    I understand LL hands are tied and they are going along with rules and regulations of various countries. I'm not mad at them. But I enjoy gachas. Yes, it can be addictive but it’s not dangerous. It’s not like gambling in real life. I’m not gonna go into debt and take out a loan from the mafia and end up dead when I can’t pay it back over gachas. It’s pixels. You understand when you buy one, you’re gonna get a random item and there's a risk involved that it might not be one you want. It’s not abusive, exploitative, or harming anyone. It's fun in the same way when you would get a random toy from a cereal box.

    I also think there’s a huge difference between a small business creator in Second Life selling gachas to other adults, and some huge game corporations selling lootboxes and making millions of dollars from scamming 12 year olds who swiped their mom's credit card.

    totally agree, i also feel bad for LL cus as you said is not their fault, but the super-sensitive world we're living right now .-.

  2. gachas are so freaking fun because you never know what you will get and is the same that trying bad food, is just an experience that gives you something to laugh about and to tell about, it is to sad that won't be allowed anymore, cus is the same as everything "you don't like it, then don't buy it" but for people like me who likes it, i won't be able to buy it u.u  well... i still have a month to spend my salary on them :v cus i freaking like it and i don't give a fk about it, that's what i work for... to spend in whatever i like :D

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  3. ó.ó yes yes where are they??
    and why there are none with me?? :C

    /me whispers "call me"

    by the way i change my hair and it's color a lot... like a lot xD and have a special like for ombre tones or mixed color tones so... yeah... call me ó.ó

  4. you may give it an eye to her videos, some of them are in spanish but the importants (tutorials and news) comes in english :3 
    and maybe look for weekend sales videos like

    Fifty linden friday
    saturday sale
    manly weekend
    happy weekend

    where sometimes you will be able to find very good stuff at a low price 🙂 good luck
    oh also you ca IM me inworld whenever you want and if i'm online i can help you with something you didn't understand n.n
    things turns easy after a couple of days trying them :3 


  5. 2 hours ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    Don't expect me to carry the conversation if you approached me first.

    totally agree xD

    i had this other thing sometimes:

    p1- hello, what are you doing?

    me- hii, well actually i'm [blablablabla](put activity here)... and you?
    p1- nothing
    me- okay, but what do you like to do?

    p1- i don't know
    variant p1- nothing

    so yeah xD funny moments in the chat

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  6. my rezz day is 03/01/2016

    i originally came after watching creepypastas about Second Life and i wanted to try the horror sims

    day 2 somebody teached me the basics and gifted me the Kemono avatar 

    day 7 i meet an awesome girl who help me to change to bento and teached me more about SL, and now she's my sl wife and the times with her has been really awesome so i'm glad i came for the horror and stay for everything else n.n

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  7. 1 hour ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    No, it's not. When people are being targeted for their race or their sexuality, it is not enough that you personally don't judge people for that, however admirable that makes you. The point is that other people do care, and systemic harm is coming to certain demographics of people based on those characteristics. If your response is to dilute and deflect that, or to say that it's not an issue because you're personally not racist or homophobic, or to complain about there being ongoing discourse about racism, then yes, you're part of the problem. 


    well, if you think the world only have two sides then you're right, unfurtunately the world is more complicated than that, so while you grow thinking if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem the hate in this world would not end because you yourself will become a racist against anybody who's not on your side, so a good tip? stop thinking that way, is not healthy and ultimately this post had a simple question:
    Are You Showing Support for Black Lives Matter in Second Life?
    my answer is no

  8. i don't :3
    because i don't care about people's color, i only care about how they are, if they're good people then i like them, if no i dislike them xD
    who's a good person, simple, anyobdy who doesn't hate others and/or want to hurt others.
    every time  somebody says "i hate white people because they're racist" i'm very sure i'm hearing a racist so like i said before, it's sad that Floyd died, specially because as far as i know he was a good guy, friendly and hardworker, but is worst the violence of some protestants who may kill more people by destroying their business, cars and stuff (and as far as i know they already kill one cop and one guy). 

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  9. oh hi again x) well i'm not enjoying it, but i try to deal with it :3 between news, movies, sl, other videogames, excercise, cleaning, cooking and stuff i'm trying my best to not get bored or stressed 😛 oh, i've been uploading pics on my flickr, doing some short stories just to pass the time, i guess here we'll be in quarantine like forever xD our gov is laughting stuff... so i'm not enjoying it but is not that bad 😛

  10. remember fear is good for the human,  we use it to know what not to do, where to take care and when to protect ourselves, is normal that you're afraid since this is not a normal state and the unknown is usually scary, but you can't let the fear beats you, you must continue, maybe in a different way, like take care of yourself, do some excercise at home, eat well, and try to keep your mind busy, actually i feel a little bit refreshed in SL because irl i watch a lot of news and to disctract myself from them well SL is very good for the job, there are some good news too, people helping people, from everywhere in a lot of ways, so try to not worry... i'm not sure if i'm still talking about the topic xD but yeah, try to calm yourself a bit and enjoy life the way you can while the quarantine continues n.<

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