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    Fly Based AO

    Thanks but I finally found an AO that works.
  2. Jusey1

    Fly Based AO

    Greetings, got a character with wings now and been trying to find an AO or animations where my character is always flying, ya know? Hovering slightly above the ground when standing, walking, and even sprinting... Does anyone, by chance, know where I can find some of this stuff?
  3. I've found some people, gotten some numbers, etc. I'll be see what I can do. Thanks everyone.
  4. Ye'h. Though would be nyce to have some sort of way to turn the music on without using the Auto option because I don't want every PC/TV on on the server unless I choose so.
  5. Okay. I got it working... The media part at least. Got it playing the youtube video with the music and such but I'll need to have to have the Auto-Load Media thing enabled for it to load up and play, and no way of pausing/playing and such ^^; heheh. But hey, close enough I guess.
  6. Ye'h... Which is why I think I'm going to need a script instead. Trying to do it that way doesn't work plus I don't want to ruin the textures of the object which I'm trying to apply this to...
  7. Actually, after doing some research on Second Life scripting (Scripting is always different for each game, I hate t hat so much) and ye'h. I want "Media on a Prim" type of dealing and I've actual found a radio station (rather than looking for specific songs or videos). So basically, I need to get a script dealing with the prim set-up which would play the radio station (which is an OGG file) but still turn on/off-able.
  8. Okay then. How about just streaming one youtube video? In this case, just the audio and nothing else? Hm?
  9. So... I'm trying to get a pretty simple script done for an item of mine. The idea is to make an "OnActivate" script so where you touch the object, it'll bring up a menu of buttons. Them being: Previous Song - Play - Next Song Empty - Stop/Turnoff - Empty Ofcourse, the menu will control the audio. So there will be a 3rd part of the script which controls the music. I want it to be able to play these music notecards (I believe that they are called) at a low volume (don't want it too loud where it bothers other people). So, can someone perhaps help me out?
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