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  1. I think you are getting dangerously close to peak cuteness right there - should we worry ?
  2. This one is Argrace Chizuru, now available with some improvement as Chizuru II...
  3. Had to visit Giz Seorn, and you should have warned me, @Scylla Rhiadra! Look what they had there (well - not the hat, boots and bandana...) I better drive to some more urban places and get back in some more decent clothes
  4. Oh, that blazer/dress is awesome! And the hair ❤️ !!!
  5. Cowboyin' around tryin' to get some work done (Need to work on my poses though - my only excuse is that I've reached my creative limit doing other stuff )
  6. It's all your fault - now I'm even shopping for cowboy boots (and looking for some biiiig arrows ) (But as you can see, I found neither boots nor arrows )
  7. First of all: All the best wishes for 2019 to all of you! I started the new year by jumping into some practical clothing and started a new project. "Follow Your Arrow " with Kacey Musgrave have been playing constantly in my head since the song inspired a photo here, and I have been brainwashed to the degree that I had to make a desert scene The sun is going down, so I better lay town the tools and continue tomorrow
  8. Google, Photoshop, full permission dress and an hour to spare Maybe I should start a business selling personalized supporter-wear (Have not even ever been to Leksand, I studied a bit further south )
  9. Well - you did, of course, choose the correct option I even had some of the uniforms from back then sitting around in my wardrobe (Did not bother to put on all the protection gear just for this quick snap )
  10. Gissa Option 1: I used to play ice hockey for Leksand or Option 2: I went to uni in Sweden
  11. ...But that was yesterday actually - this is how I look today: Seeking shelter from the rain...
  12. This is almost uncanny, stumbled across this place earlier - and I swear, within 30min I can be at a spot that looks exactly like this (Give or take a fox or two )! Well, OK then - the mountains in the back are a bit less dramatic, and there might be less snow at the moment - but I used to go skiing over the ice between the small rocky skerries/islands (with tiny cabins on many of them...) in earlier winters
  13. Me and the gang on our way home from Christmas dinner
  14. Out flaunting my new jeans (after all the honourable mentions in this thread: Evani Anita Fullpack bought at Hop & Shop) in Dox' Tokyo, with a new beanie as well Trying to decide which energy drink to have - not familiar with these brands...
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