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    Hello- I'm not able to log in to the beta grid. Each time i've tired I get an error message telling me my username/password is incorrect (which it isn't). I've never been able to log on to the beta grid in this account, I remember the last time I tried they recommended you change your password but I see this is outdated as of June '16, so do I have to contact support to get access to beta or is there some other way? I've already taken the ip tutorial and have payment info on file. Thanks.
  2. I posted here about a week ago that I was getting blocked from signing in to the mesh tutorial for the beta grid. Someone suggested I wait for a while. (because my account is new) Now its been over a week, do I still have to wait or is something else the problem? I already have payment info on file. and even took the IP test for the main grid, it's just the beta side that wont allow me to log in to take it. I also tried changing my password which they suggest on the wiki to reset your account on aditi, still no success.
  3. I'm getting blocked at the sign in page to take the IP test for the beta grid. Is there an account age restriction (my account is new)
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