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  1. Yeah the shopping experience was... odd. Very odd. I agree to that. Also funny how Belleza takes the most VRAM.
  2. Not true. My complexity is lower then when I was wearing Maitreya.
  3. I am not doing any sales jobs for this body, it's completely up to you. They are asking currently for any problems with the body so they can fix it and are adding extra features. If you don't want the body, then simply do not buy it. Maitreya is fine. I just like how sexy the body looks in general.
  4. Well I bought it. So this is what I have to say about it. 1) There is no discount for Legacy. It's 5000L$ straight up. The classic that they have is discounted, but lacks the features of Legacy. 2) Deformers do work, they fit most of my Maitreya fitmesh clothes perfectly. However, because of clothes from like Blueberry will not automatically alpha the body (because the scripts are meant for Maitreya,) so you have to alpha yourself. 3) The Alpha controller is not total trash. It's a 3D alpha controller much like Belleza, but not as trashy as Belleza. Belleza's alpha controller I absolutely hate as alpha'ing a part of your body does both front and back sides. Legacy doesn't do this allowing you to alpha the back and front individually like Maitreya does. 4) Somehow the Deformers makes your shape look similar to Maitreya. You can even wear it naked. However, the deformer takes awhile to take effect (Maybe will be faster in a future update.) So copying the body and making outfits for it, which is what I do, your body will be poking out of your outfit until the deformer takes effect. 5) Appliers are in the works from what I understand. What kind of appliers the body will work with is unknown. So no changing custom bought skins as of yet. However, it is backwards compatible with TMP made appliers and is available all in hud if you bought installer packs when you had TMP. That is all. I like the body. It's a shot in the dark for me, but I am making a gamble. Call me an idiot if you wish. If the body fails again like TMP did, I can still fall back to Maitreya.
  5. Seems that even the Maitreya v3.5 body still manages to freeze both the body and hud when crossing a few sim borders. This results in others not being able to see my body and it also happens with anybody using Maitreya Lara. Is there a way to fix this annoying flaw then logging out/logging back in every single time it does this?
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