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  1. Hey thank you all, i just reinstalled FS and .. huhh.. it's perfect for now :) not dropping anything at all :) I just hope it will stay like that :D Best wished and hugs,, Anny xox
  2. So mysterious: with SL normal LL viewer it does not drop the speed !! But with FS it does!
  3. I make a speedtest here: https://elisa.fi/nopeustesti/ When i'm out of SL it's around 90, but when i log in SL it's less than 8. I see it in SL by slowness and laggyness.
  4. My logging into SL by Firestorm viewer drops my internet speed from ~90 Mbps to ~7 Mbps,, why is that? I use laptop, W10 and Firestorm,, the newest. As soon as i log in the speed drops, even though my parcel is very small and not laggy. ippujippu resident (Anny Almaz)
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