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  1. When will Insol's main inworld store reopen?
  2. For Bloodlines Vampires you need blood to stay alive, and need to feed constantly, same with Bloodlines Lycans I think, but with lumens. If a Vampire feeds constantly on one particular human, could this be a danger to the human? What does a human have to get to stay alive, and keep their vital blood up on the HUD, so they're not destroyed or all humanity is gone? Thanks ^^
  3. Curious, because I'm going to be away for a few days and my vital blood is down more than usual, because I haven't 'fed' for a couple of days. Does the vital blood still go down, even when not wearing the Bloodlines Vampire HUD?
  4. My friend paid me 600L$ and it never came through...I was offline at the time. My homepage also appears to be gitched. Half of the side box is gone, so I can't click on stuff like billing information etc. In the box where it shows your lindens, it doesn't have any numbers in it e.g. no L$: 0. Its just blank. Is it messing up for everyone right now? This a glitch?
  5. I'm confused about slink appliers, not really sure I understand 'help guides' or anything. I don't know how to actually apply them (hands and feet I'm trying to do) Help? >.<
  6. It says it can't be delivered invoice... Why?
  7. I read somewhere that you can never tell if someone has blocked you on here or not. I'm wondering, would messages still get through? Would they be saved somewhere? I'm curious to see if a horrible person I blocked yesterday, would have sent me anymore messages.
  8. I messaged a friend, and that came up? It also came up with - The Resident you messaged is currently prevented from reading your instant messages at the moment, please try again later. Has she blocked me???
  9. Like if you found an avatar, and wanted to find others like it too, no matter who the creator is, just avatars that look similar, in the same style.
  10. I bought an avatar that I believe came with two eye options, I can't see all of the contents in my inventory but can see them in my appearance. I want to try and find the other eyes (or just check if there is any) but I can't see them in the folder (it only shows some things, but everything comes on my avatar when I wear it. It replaces the eyes I wish to try and find (and wear) with the other eyes which I don't want.... How do I find them?
  11. I tried to buy lindens with my Mastercard on SL yesterday, and it didn't work no matter how many times I tried it. Eventually I used my Visa card, and it worked the second time. But now my Mastercard is locked out....did SL do this? I haven't done anything bad, I purchased something for my brother on his Xbox (CoD stuff) using my Mastercard and it was okay.... So what could have happened?
  12. I've never had problems like this before. I've entered everything correctly. An update happened today for SL. It says it can't complete the transaction after I've added my credit card, and clicked buy now. I understand nothing of FAQ about this. So why is it happening?
  13. I'd taken my avatar to one of my favorite places. I was in there for a while. A few people had came in, looking normal. But just now another person not looking quite so normal. They're purple, gives me the loading impression (if they are loading then they've been loading for some time now) the eyes are kinda hollow idk, and the avatar doesn't move smoothy. Its moves quickly, changing its postion every second without moving any arms to do so - if you get what I mean. Kind of pausing then in another postion. Their shape is changing as well. Sometimes male and female I believe, but male mostly. Growing bigger and smaller. I teleported away, waited a few minutes and then went back again. No one had shown up when I opened the map. Once teleporting there, I saw they were on the nearby people still. It has seemed the avatar has moved, facing another direction now though. So what is this? Is this person loading? Is this a weird avatar in general? Is it just me? Other people looked fine when they came in. EDIT - Ah crap.
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