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  1. I think that's it... Ha! I love it... Don't make the sign too obvious... you know... light up the path with just enough lights to kind of stir them into the sign...
  2. ... mmm... I guess... dang... join group to accidentally fall into the rabbit hole... I could see the reason for security... I think scripting that forces a user's avatar into something they didn't agree to makes sense.... Maybe... I'll have to "tempt" them into the portal... like make a huge sign... dangling from an old elm tree... "Whatever you do... Do not click this portal..." That might work.
  3. Oh there is some serious... tinker doodling of tinkering going on up in these comments. I love it! I taking notes.... where's my pencil!
  4. If the 'Experience" is simply the avatar colliding with the magical ferry dust of orbs floating in front of the teleport mesh... Oh... I can live with that...
  5. I love you people! Here's why... if I may just vent... I'm sort of depressed not finishing my Computer and Electrical Engineering degree due to financial suckage and life... was able to get my Pre-Engineering degree taking me through Differential Equations and Physics II... yet... had to go back to a boring job where... my mind gets super bored. I'm a tinkerer... I just love tinkering with my mind. Creating stuff... Just reading these comments... It's really a blessing because Second Life is bringing my soul back into a community where at least folk like to think, ponder, use their intellect to dream and come up with ideas... then actually see if they work or not. Thanks Everyone! I want the user to NOT have to put on a HUD... that to me is a downfall... My portal is super huge, like 60m x 60m x 80m tall... yes... it takes up that much space... It's freaking huge, Gothic, Werewolf portal to my upper Moonlands. Mesh construction, using 3D Coat to paint it up... Next thing... (pondering) is to have colors, orbs, particles... you know... like some magical ferry wizard made the swirly crap that is so curiously made... that... the user just has to walk into it... even if it.... well... you know... curiosity killed the cat stuff.... anyhow. Anyhow... I just want any poor, public soul, who happens to stumble into my dark forest, to pass into it and be ported into another realm that will amaze them. I'll keep posting my work here to keep everyone updated. Thanks all you wizards out there. Keep up the magic. Peace.
  6. I knew some "creature" in this vast world.... knew the magic. Thanks a ton!
  7. I'm creating a Gateway, portal, so that when a user enters it, they are automatically teleported to another location. Is there a script that would work well for this, so that the user does not have to click the portal. If not, is there a script available so that when the users touches the portal, a part of it changes, example the color or a door opens, then they can enter. I know this may be a complex script.... or... it might be easy. Thanks everyone.
  8. Wes McDermott over at Allegorithmic has some insight into this. Follow this link. https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=1021.0
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