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    Hello, good afternoon! I need to know better about opening a gaming place in second life. Could you tell me what it takes to open one within the terms.
  2. According to the rule of the Devil In variable, u must win as your score. I made coresponding score to win 44k and they just told me to 4400. I took pictures of everything: machine rules etc. Today it's been 6 days and none of them came
  3. The fact that the machine is in their establishment, do not send the money when it reaches the requested score is not a kind of abuse? I see it as theft. I played according to the rules, I gained according to the rules, and they do not pay me according to the rules? Or Lindem think right make several demands to open an establishment and makes no requirement for them to pay what they owe?
  4. Hello .. Good evening! I play in casinos for a long time. But these last days 1 in particular is giving me a lot of headaches. 3 x in the same week the machines in devil has not paid properly. This last time they are owing me 40k. Spent a lot in casinos and when I win I want my money on time. I sent several NC for all those responsible will have to five days and nothing. I want a provides urgent. What should I do? Please help-me my email: nyna_ap@hotmail.com
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