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  1. Well am looking for Mr right in second life am currently looking some gentlemen somewhere about my age at lease am single but try to find on second life real life is hard finding and got turn down too many times so I want to give second life a try too many fishes in the sea. now try fishing second life waters. lol also am very shy once get meet me but I can open up once I get to know you more we can meet up in anywhere in second life but not premium though since am not. this is me in second life I love to sit down and have a cup of joe and chatting.
  2. 😂 holy moly, oh boy I need fix this cause one am now 31 still single sure I still want a boyfriend in second life and I am going edit this later today better grammar and tell you men later
  3. Lol though I can visit the Canadian side I take a train there if want to. just southwest from me.
  4. I also agree this too much even for money sound good but rest no can do half of time am not on I have a life.
  5. Dating isn't easy on in Second Life may find good apple then up rotten one I know went threw already thought had "the one" end up being wanted more one girlfriends already two days ago a man came up to ask me do I want coffee I asked him isn't coffee or sex and then he poofed so I got my answer. I love to find the one on here most i find are not to bright or starting second life first time has no clue how it works..
  6. Wow, you seem rather interesting guy I could get to know ya Haha though sometimes am hardly on since I also have no one talk to sit down just have a decent conversation without going overboard am pretty much the something but am not into tech stuff
  7. Am single rl life and second life and looking actual romance maybe more but no older then 34 am only 28 yea am young but very book smart lol. am in online mostly everyday.
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