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  1. This does not work at all for me... I have not found 1 person online yet using this viewer that has got it to work... for me I see 1 1/4 of my screen is total black... it renders only about 25 percent of the enviroment.... so no walls or textures in most places... head tracking does not work at all... seeing 4 different images at once that don't match... I have an "oculus ready" PC so my computer should be the ideal for this viewer to work.... please fix!!!!
  2. Second Life's Oculus Viewer only works with the older oculus.... they are working on a new version for the CV1 and should be out soon.... I use my CV1 with virtual desktop to play SL on a huge screen..... I also got SL to work with head tracking via "Vorpx" but it does not perform well and is pretty useless but it does work....
  3. I got SL to work with my CV1 with "Vorpx".... I was using it to get skyrim to work in VR.... From what I saw online I didn't think it would work at all but it does.... Vorpx is not the best experience and it's not as smooth as I would like but the head tracking does work pretty well.... You just need to adjust the mouse movement and FOV a bit as with everything in Vorpx... I was surprised that it worked and I think it's all we have to get head tracking in SL until LL gets with it and has something better...... Before I tried Vorpx I have been using "Virtual Desktop" to play with the CV1 on a HUGE screen in front of me in VR with no head tracking..... Virtual Desktop is $15 http://store.steampowered.com/app/382110/ Vorpx is $40 http://www.vorpx.com/
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