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  1. I've just started using the EEP viewer, and have noticed that when switching between the usual presets (Sunset, Midnight, etc.), the transition is gradual, whereas on my previous viewer the change was pretty much instantaneous. Is there a console setting that can adjust the transition speed?
  2. I love the new look for the rock monsters. They're goofy and endearing (at least before they go all aggro on you), like Meatwad from ATHF. There's a second campfire. No moles, though, just an abandoned Tyrah coffee mug.
  3. Oddly enough, I can still log onto the beta grid ....
  4. Thank you, Whirly. I was facing the same problem.
  5. This might be relevant. Or not. http://davedub.co.uk/bvhacker/tutorial_video_2.html Since I can't yet log onto the beta grid to upload my own Poser test animations, I can't really say for sure whether bvhacker would solve your problem. But I've found it to be a useful tool, nonetheless.
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