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  1. Yes, we've seen, we try to import a skeleton with fingers animations. When we make the retargeting without fingers to the extended avastar skeleton all works perfectly, but if we retarget full body skeleton including the fingers it is deformed I included a screenshoots, the first one is a retargeting without the fingers and the second one is with the fingers. Also we tried with an old skeleton updated, and don't work at all. we hope it is solved soon!!! 
  2. Hi Cathy, Thanks for your tips. I tried to re orient joints and then make the retargeting of a MOCAP animation. It looks good but in second life the fingers continue rotating " unnatural " this is a hell! Now i tried to learn blender with avastar, and it seems that in local bones rotate well. I followed a tutorial to make retargeting ,but the finger bones do not appear in the "guess mapping". Maybe someone knows or can help me The Next step is learn Maya :matte-motes-shocked:
  3. Sorry for the delay, we were on holidays I am patient , I just exposed my doubts. Exactly, I import the skeleton to 3D Max. We usually work with MotionBuilder and 3d Max, in both we have the finger bones pivots with an unnatural align. Maybe I have to wait for these two months. Thank you
  4. Sorry for the delay, we were on holidays. i made an animation gif, with the X rotation of the mHandIndex2Left. We can see that is not a natural rotation. This is the "fbx human female (August 17, 2016)" model in motion builder GIF--> http://www.vistanimations.com/rotation.gif
  5. We have a problem with the finger bones pivots. They are not aligned, and it makes rare or incorrect bones rotations. This gives us a lot of problems with our mocap animations retargeting. I attached a picture where we can see the mHandPibky2Left pivot Axis.  this is going to upgrade? or it's definitive ? thank you
  6. Hello, someone tried to work with the new skeleton in MotionBuilder? I have problems with the rotation of the pivots
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