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  1. I have been in sl for almost a decade. I have done so much! This plot came as an oppportunity and I really love it. The thing is...I am paying my tier and I am not doing anything with it. I cant think of ideas. It is difficult to have a club or store when I work long hours and I am free (almost) during the weekends only. I must recognize that many of my friends changed accounts, or just stopped logging in. SL is fun when you have a nice group of ppl to log in to...in part, being an introvert doesnt help much...does it? I love SL and I think it will be great to log in specially during this winter that is coming, and with all the political turmoil around...I just need to bubble up. I used to have a store for clothing templates (psd) and that was fun, but of course I am not selling much these days as you can imagine...I do not know how to make mesh and frankly, I am not very interested. A big house would be nice, but without family members it will be empty and I will end up isolating myself as I always do. Aww please do not think I am whinning! I just want a great idea to keep me busy! Love you all :)
  2. I have been playing sl for 9 years, I would love to make some friends, as many of my old friends have left or possibly made new accounts. I log in often and am interested in friendships only.
  3. I have been in SL since 2006. The last few years have been so boring and lonely! I go out and try to meet people but seems like a BIG percentage of the population consists of bots. Since my first days I have created stuff (I have a lil store ), I had innumerable clubs, live very different lives, role played all kind of stuff...and now...sadly...I must say I dont know where or what to do. I used to spend entire nights and weekends here, and hope the workday ends so I could come and relax with my friends in sl. Is not like that anymore, friends have left, or made new accounts and there is nothing that excites me anymore and I hate it. I dont hate SL, what I hate is being so bored and lonely! I do nor want to leave SL because I love it so much... All I do is shop and go to clubs full of bots...shakes head. Hugs to all :)
  4. Oh! I have been feeling like that for years. When I started playing in 2006 everything was a huge adventure. SL made my rl changed! (including country!). I cannot say enough how much I love(d) sl and how many changes it brought to my rl. It's been a few years that my sl got boring and lonely. I do not know how to explain this. I lived so many different lives and met so many people...the first three years were AWESOME!. After my third year things slowly changed (as they should). I remember people saying that SL was going to die because LL closed all the casinos and banks (lol) but people seriously believed that it was the end! All this brings a smile to my face because at the end...well...we are still here, however...the last couple of years have been really awfully boring and lonely to me. I go to clubs and try meeting people, only to be surrounded by thousands of bots everywhere (I dont even mind alts as i did before!), also, since the wonderful mesh arrived, SL has become more commercially oriented and there is less social interaction...what can I say. There was a time when I used to add two or three ppl a night to my friends list...today I can go months without meeting someone real to chat or role play. I do not blame SL...maybe is me...and my SL...I really dont know. SL has a warm place in my heart...and I am still here...even though I dont enjoy it nearly as much as I used to.
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