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  1. The original lindens couldn't make games and then after the takeover we got people even dumber why are you guys expecting sansar to be good lol second life will never be good nor will anything else made by linden labs
  2. I can't find any good third party viewers, the ones on the wiki are all bad unless I missed one that can do chat right for example, in any other game the chat window's open you use wsad to move, you press whatever to chat you type in your chat you press enter, boom you can move again and the chat box is still on the screen in case you happen to be a fan of chat and want to continue chatting, every single other game ever made in history is like that that's what I need here too because it's a good idea and what's going on now is a bad idea btw I know the setting to hit enter twice to deselect that's horrible I can't word my subject correctly but I don't want that I want it to be deselected right after I press enter for the current thing I want to type
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