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  1. 1) Does anyone know all the list of sims in SL that get open-mac chatting? 2) most crowded Chinese sims? 3) I want to know if there's any sims for people who with same interests gathered, and share together thru microphone conversations? THX
  2. What the Shop! body are made from? Maya?
  3. Thats ridiculous. you click into this to awser other people's question But you interfrere/give your opinion on the way/How they "should" question?(which is not anwsering questions) cut the crap out! those stupid people(including the woman abv "the WE's(gang)"), stupid parts of SL should be removed from SL! LOL Ever see anyone in yahoo question "anwser" their questions by giving lots of their own opinions? not in the Best anwser i would say! lol Not even an "experiecne" yahoo question-anwserers would behave like that - cause then, they'll not be pick the best anwsers by people and to be ca
  4. And I just want to state that: "a half dozen people who probably don't care much about style" - Who? oh..it must be that "WE" again lol does "WE" represent all the SL people? -yeah you said it! it was your own opinion, and "WE" never represent All the new/experienced residents in SL that coming in 2016 or today and in fact probably just "the WE" "don't care much about style" - true that, true that! lol
  5. Thanks for your reply after reply comment Yeah. a years old account talking experience to weeks old new residents - that how we saw their experiences is and also what is a We? = a gang? sounds like an unhealthy thing existing in SL or anywhere in general, the people who answer question should be everyone, all SL residents, not just "WE"! p.s. There are no word as "technical assistance", "delivery failures" showing in both Community Guidelines and Answers FAQs of Anwser, Please stop leading the answer into wrong direction - a direction that you "WE" like ok? lol SL should be a free and wonde
  6. i dont know what world you think you're in - "a dictator world = SL" in your mind? LOL! ; Shopping is a technical assistance? haha or Answers is actually means= technical assistance in SL? is that what the Lindens using - the "Linden lingual"? lol or its just what you think is mistakenly? lol
  7. Shopping is a technical assistance? LOL , or Answers is actually means technical assistance in SL? or its just what you think it is mistakenly? lol
  8. Its not a club or dacing sims that i went to, it was a house for gay sex/relax/cuddling...something like that. p.s. I went to many places, Landmark has a long list, its just simply hard to track back that particular place.
  9. I been to one before, but forget the address, Any nice places? like a gay porn watching public villa sims.
  10. Hi! everyone, Im Bihr : D this is my 2 week in SL Is there anybody has any suggestions for the Men Fabfree blog? Fabfree-similir blog/bloggers daily updates soely for Men's clothings. - Fabfree: https://fabfree.wordpress.com/ *1 *MenFabfree: ? *1- just a Smart advie: Stay away from that site! that's a gang connected site - a buillde site connected with "the WE's"; Ever since I post the question asking a man fabfree website They quite fabfre for all the men avatar/audiences in SL lol what a sexist obvious losers lol ===== Be nice to people!
  11. #TheMeshProject has the Best Men clothings? or anyone has other suggestions? My reseponse to lovely answerers: ==== Reply-after-replys person: Thanks for your comment ;) What's a "We"? = a gang? sounds like an unhealthy thing existing in SL or anywhere else in general/in everyone's eyes, the people who answer question should be Everyone, All residents in SL, not just "WE"! ;) Yeah. a years old connected accounts(gang *_*?) talking experience to weeks old new residents - that how we saw their experiences is. p.s. There are no word as "technical assistance", &
  12. The Best Realistic, detailed Man Mesh(Maya) clothings ;) Answer response ==== Thanks for the answers ;) ===== Be nice to people! p.s: below,the third one[ Edited ] -this is the second time: report inappropriate content, sorry about that, But this was your own action.
  13. Is there a *single Fashion Street/City/Town in SL? For Fashion MALE avatars(Best, Hot) to hang out? tyiadvc. Hope the SL or MP search can be more helpful-doing its job tho - far worst than rl Google search. majority just lame dances & clubs. Hope can have some mesh desginers, avi creator hang out places.
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