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  1. Estou tentando acessar o meu visualizador (que atualmente é, mas não consigo porque a nova versão, que ainda não se encontra no site impede o processo. Isso aconteceu depois que saí do visualizador ontem a noite e quando regressei, a versão tentou instalar, mas não funcionou. Cancelei, mas não pude abrir o meu viewer atual.
  2. I use the SL viewer to be more accustomed. I do not know the firestorm, but I've heard.
  3. Hi there! Yesterday, April 15, I received a notification in the viewer "we download an update ... '. I ignored because they would not lose (delay) what he was doing. When I left and returned later version tried to install, but failed. I tried log in the viewer, but I could not (this happens whenever a version installs via notification). I had to uninstall my current version 4.0.3 and reinstall again the site. what's going on ??? Because versions are coming as quick? in this case, at least 1 month!
  4. I downloaded the new version but still get notification to download the same.
  5. I have 1 month in Second Life and would like to create a small shop, but I can not. I've read all the terms and conditions, although it has the option to click to aceitar.Concordei with the Fees Policy and the Second Life Marketplace listing, but no use. I have to have a premium account? When the following message appears Some conditions were not met. See the section below.
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