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  1. I constantly feel like because I haven't been in relationships, or dated before or had an owner since I'm into D/s that I'm almost gated and not allowed because I don't have experience? Any tips for finding someone?
  2. Hai there, im looking for a Mistress, to corrupt and claim me, she must love and i mean love latex, ild love to hear from you either on the forums or inworld, talk soon. Anezka
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for a Submissive to myself, who is a latex or rubber loving futa girl, to become my property and my obediant thrall.
  4. I'm looking for a Mistress to turn me into her Perfect Doll, preferably rubber doll or even Daughter Doll, if your seeking feel free to message me or tp me for an interview
  5. Well, I'm a switch, with a love for sci-fi and fantasy and am working on making my permanant home on sl, and it has been a life goal of mine to have either a slave girl, or a Mistress to own me, If your seeking please message me , xoxo Jaena
  6. So im trying to put a robot arm on my character, and the parts arent lineing up, ive tried the edit tool but its not making it better, can someone please help me out?
  7. So im new to SL and am looking for a Mistress to make me whole, My name is Jaena and im 22, my sl is jaenapool, if your interestead please message me and ild love to learn more about you.
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