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  1. Tysm for ur help. Ill do it that way!!!
  2. I used to be able to teleport from Destinations on the website as a window would open in my Firestorm viewer. Now since i updated my antivirus I cant do it and i dont know how to solve it. It doesnt ask me a question to allow this destination to open or anything like that.
  3. I have been having the same problem since yesterday and have no idea how to solve it
  4. how do i allow my group to set home to my land?
  5. Ricardo, if u read this, please let me know ur acc name i made the mistake not to write it the first time and now i have no idea how to answer ur notecard. tysm
  6. Im Phoenix. Im 58 in rl and looking for a male friend about my age to visit destinations, play, go dancing or to concerts, share moments, laugh together. Im also a GuildWars2 player so if you play that game too it would be awesome to play together there too
  7. Busco argentinos mayores de 50 años que jueguen SL para entablar una amistad
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