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  1. Still on the hunt for a forever sl partner, and friends- not a two week-3 month and done kinda thing. About me: Age: 27 year old Gender: male in sl usually, I do have a female av tho and I am a rl female Looking for: sl only is a must. I don’t do sl sex either. Family status: no family as of now but I do want one with my future partner Send me a message here or in world to chat Serious inquiries only Sl name: crescent666 resident
  2. Okay I know this is a far stretch but maybe some old timers like me remember this- many years ago in sl, when I first started there was a rental place where you could rent skyboxes. It was either 1L-10L a week I can’t remember. But there was a teleportation pad that would take you up to your furnished skybox. I think you had maybe 10-30 prims to be able to Rez a lot of the skyboxes had like pools on the roof with dj set ups and stuff, and I used to have the best time with my little noob friends partying up there. I’m not sure what made me think of this, I just got kinda nostalgic for a moment. Comment if you remember the name of the place!
  3. Hi everyone I’m daisy and I’m looking to adopt 2-3 children (not all at once, but eventually). I want to start a little family. If you’re looking for RP parents, please click the link below to view my info <3 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QaPKMe7fNknnkm8dPFKn-nkzaohYWUeAHXRoK_7ibWc/mobilebasic
  4. Hi everyone I’m daisy and I’m looking to adopt 2-3 children (not all at once, but eventually). I want to start a little family. If you’re looking for RP parents, please click the link below to view my info <3 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QaPKMe7fNknnkm8dPFKn-nkzaohYWUeAHXRoK_7ibWc/mobilebasic
  5. LapinBlanc Adoption Agency is NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! A little about us: We are a full service RP Agency, this means NO panels will be used. We feel like this will help us make a more personal match and lag free environment for everyone to enjoy. Advisers will be used instead to make these matches. If you are interested in a JOB as an adviser or MENTOR please click the link below, and make sure to pass it on to your friends as well! If you have ANY further questions, Contact: Owner: Allison Kiara Fett (alltaire resident) Owner: Daisy Aurora Cœur (crescent666 Resident) Manager: Aislynn Freyja FawnWell (amberlovingsoul Resident) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bZNmNkwODzrE6dnfWTiZA1ESLNMNsKIE3aQNEKfscDc/viewform?edit_requested=trueLapin Blanc Adoption
  6. Hello everyone my name is daisy (crescent666 resident) and I’m a dj in sl. I dj for weddings, parties, etc. I have been a dj for 8+ years on sl and I have an audio producing degree in rl. I can play any genre you want. I even can take personally made playlists and download anything you want for a full set/wedding/party. Below are my prices: WEDDINGS: ceremony only: 500L reception only: 500L ceremony + réception : 850L plus tips . PARTIES OF ANY KIND: 1 hour: 500L 2 hour 800L plus tips anything over 2 hours will be an extra 100L so if 3 hours 900L, 4 hours 1000L, etc. Can download a custom playlist made by you or just do my own thing. Message crescent666 resident to book
  7. Hello my name is Bunny Coeur (crescent666 resident) i posted a few weeks ago about an adoption agency that me and my business partner are creating and now I’m going to make another post letting you all know that we are going to be taking applications and interviewing people for the “adviser” and “mentor” positions. Below is the positions descriptions and how you can apply: mentor: an adult or teen who can be available to hang out at the agency and make sure dress code and conduct is being followed. (Make sure people are wearing decent clothes and make sure no fowl language is being used and that the rules are being followed, also answering any questions about the agency) adviser/councilor: an adult who will interview and take patent applications and interview children and take children applications and match them with their perfect fit. This position will be paid eventually but for the first month or so it will be a volunteered position and will not be paid. If if anyone is interested please contact one of us and let us know that you want an application and we will pass you the info. Please note, should you get hired you will be required to attend an “orientation” to be taught how to do your job correctly and you will be on a trial period before officially hired on. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you! People to contact for info: crescent666 résident (owner) alltaire resident (co-owner) amberlovingsoul résident (manager)
  8. Thank you all for your comments. My partner has been chosen her name is alltaire resident. We have picked out land and have begun the creation process, so please feel free to send either of us a notecard on sl and a friend request
  9. I am going to maybe be starting a new secondlife adoption agency soon-but it’s going to be different. We’re going to have actual advisers and set up meetings to interview potential parents/children who are looking to adopt and be adopted. We also might have small orphanage where children can stay until they find their forever home. This being said, I’m going to need help. Someone to split costs and help me start this thing up and hire advisers! We would split land cost (we wouldn’t need much land something cheap to start out) and etc etc if youre interested message me here or here or in sl! My name is crescent666 resident
  10. Hi I’m Amon but my friends call me bunny. I am looking for an sl gf/bf. below is some info: about me: age- 26 in rl and sl gender: female sexual orientation: pansexual but I lean more towards women looking for: I’m looking for SL ONLY nothing else a bit more about me: i am in school full time in rl and I work full time weekends 12 hour shifts in rl, so I can only be on sl Monday-Thursday from around 0800am-2:30pm slt. I am a babygirl sub (but I don’t need a dom) in rl. I am a blogger and photographer. I love to explore and dance. Av name: crescent666 resident if you want to chat, message me here or in world and if I don’t answer you in world right away my sl might have eaten it! So send me a message here!!
  11. I posted this so people in this forum would see it also ^.^ but thank you
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