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  1. Linden labs need to do something about their viewer. The amount of people who are turning away because of the confusing default viewer. I'm tired telling people "IT'S NOT HARD, IT'S JUST THE VIEWER, LET ME SHOW YOU".
  2. Take a break from the main account. Don't delete it but just hop in an alt and lay low til everything blows over. Don't even tell the "friends" what the alt name is because she may get them to side with in and end up with the new information.
  3. Thanks for responding guys will try these!
  4. I agree with this entire post especially the part about the generation before us with the last names I literally call them the originals lol so guess I'm nostalgic with you.
  5. Hey there so, I've been on second life for a few years now and I still don't get it. Everyone has these awesome stories and views on the game and I am like the one person who just sits there blank like "I don't get it.." Let me explain. I want to be apart of the Second Life community but I am not sure where I belong or how to make the experience great for me. Most people came here in search of something but for me all I know is that this 3D World is pretty cool and I want to be apart of it, I want to experience all it has to offer but I am completely lost as it relates to which direction to go, what to do, what is my thing? Has anyone else ever experienced that or is it just me going through it? As a result I was just logging in, shopping on marketplace then logging off. Emptied my profile not to long ago and cleaned my inventory to take a break hoping maybe an idea comes to me. Just thought I'd share on the forum as well since I've never actually used this platform. Any tips or advice would be great.
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