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  1. Personaly id never buy use or touch that or any thing like it. You dont know whats in there, the script and so forth. Two if forces you to only use your money at some one place. Lock it down keep it safe, dont trust any one with your money. Good luck be safe. Be smart allways say no.
  2. Howdy, love second life and its idea. But I spent a lot of money on land. Now all around me for as far as I can see. Either people are abandoning there lots. Or thay are empty and for sale. Even lots that do have some thing, no one is around. Feels like a sinking ship, a mmorp with no subscribers and players. Whats up with the real eastate market? Been trying to sell for ages I wanted to relocate. This is really sad to me, cause if I could sell my lot id buy another in a more flat area. I just dont know what to do, I would like my money back. But there gets to a breaking point where you say cut you losses. Well hope what ever is happening gets fixed cause the real estate is looking really bad. Any way got two nice lots for sale one bordering LL property. Off the beach I just want out!
  3. IM havieng the same problem. Its like this Linden Labs is like a government. It has absolute contoll of what gos on. They want to keep controll of the exchange rates to keep items and such at a value they seem fit. All countrys do this China prits more mony to keep there products cheep and the people poor and controlable. The Positive is that they dont do that. This is suposed to controll inflation. If you wanted to idk why you would. Buy like a 100000$ worth and just put it out there then the Linden would be worth less I gess. Hope I made sence.
  4. If tihs was allready discussed sorry. I have just started to play the sl experiance after about 6 years of being away. Now I had to make a new account. I thought nothing of it since I lost the information for my old one. The problem is all moste every where I go I get auto kicked by some bot due to account age. I can not do any thing about this and its making my experiance with SL really horrible. I am not here to cause problmes I want to make friends and enjoy the beauty of others creations. I have money and I am an adult. The auto kick this is rude and mean. Then they have the guts to say please come back and visit us when your account is older. You for real you a hole. A customer walked into your shop and you kick him then think hell come back? Please some one do some thing about this. Another thing, it shows the place is cheep and lazy. If you really care aobut your customers and the people who visit your place, be there or hire people to be there. Have a real person bouncer I can talk to or can talk to me. Quit being cheep and lazy and discriminating against us new players or returning players. In long this is totally ruining my SL experiance since I cant not do much but be kicked for wanting to see your creation. So please remove thies bots from the game use real people. I am in sl to meet people not bots. Peace and love.
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