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  1. I'm back on lol. I'm jusst trying to figure out the whole making a avi thing... i'm sooo lost lol on how to make outfits and such
  2. Soo I went to your teleport as suggested.... But I crashed? Now I cant log on until 18:49 gmt time???
  3. I have to say the support here is unbelievable. I was not expecting so much reply's and help! it's awesome As to answer about the day's i am on. I'm (GMT-3:30) it's 2:57 PM right now.
  4. Thank you very much. I guess one way to find your way around is to start up SL and find your way around and ask people I will check out the places/groups you suggested! Thanks
  5. I'm not too sure if this was the correct location to post this, However i'll post here anyhow. So I'm really,really interested in joining Second Life. I have tried numerous of time's to really get into it. However I always find myself lost, confused, and having no idea on how to begin. I know there is a huge learning curve in this game, i just need the help. I am serious when it comes to me wanting to really get into it, I am ready to spend money on a avi, and whatever else it takes. But I have no idea on where to even begin on making one, I am completly clueles :P Iv'e searched guides etc...
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