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  1. There was a Victorian in my dropdown but now it's gone!
  2. Oh cool, that maze is only two plots behind mine. I'm gonna have to go investigate
  3. I keep seeing people say they need to file a ticket. I just return it.
  4. Its the one that makes the box around the parcel with the text.
  5. A nice girl stopped by in her car and saw me and said just return it and so thats what I did and it worked.
  6. I've return the text twice and never lost a house.and I still have the first one after months.
  7. Why file a ticket when the text is left behind, I just return it. Is that not ok?
  8. I dont really understand how to do that and im using a kindle
  9. I think i'm done for the night, all this refreshing is killing my hand and arm. Maybe I'll do better on Monday, hoping for one of the campers.
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