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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions- just to note what I've been doing so far: I've installed an SSD, which has at the very least improved my general system speed. (after some wrangling with cloning my windows installation) I am seeing some performance improvement as a result of using an SSD. Stuttering is less pronounced. Possibly that my cache is bigger than with the RAMDisk utility, and can be accessed quite fast. However, it wasn't a magic bullet by any means. I did swap my Graphics card back for my older nvida gtx 960. It seems relatively well documented that AMD handles OpenGL (Secondlife's 3d render software) poorly in comparison to nvidia. Despite the lower benchmark of the card, I saw a performance improvement from using it in comparison to the AMD card. I'm returning the AMD card, and considering opting to get a comparable Nvidia card instead. As Marissa said, the main problem is probably the CPU, but it's a big investment to upgrade that I can't afford just at the moment. If/when I end up doing that upgrade in the future, I'll share my results.
  2. Heyo folks, thanks for the suggestions- still having trouble but having some improvement. I have an SSD on order, so I'm going to try installing that and seeing how things go. After that.. I think my only option would be transitioning to a newer cpu, whiiich means needing ddr4, a new mobo and a new cooler for the new slot types. My poor wallet!
  3. Hi all, I've been having some performance problems with firestorm on a sim I've been frequenting recently. It's quite an object heavy sim so it's relatively unsurprising. Usually I can manage happily with a framerate of 20, but I'm now getting a lot of stutter, especially when moving and turning. Sometimes an idle framerate of under 10 I recently purchased a new graphics card and some additional RAM, but haven't seen a marked improvement in performance. Reviewing the performance of CPU, Memory and GPU, I can't see anything obvious being maxed out. Would anyone be able to advise me of steps to try and improve performance, either through settings or considering new hardware? The next thing I was considering is changing to an SSD. My hard drive read/write speed is very slow, though as to whether this has a effect on SL's performance, I don't know. PC Specs are below, graphical settings in attached image. Summary Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD FX-6300 45 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 970A-UD3P (CPU 1) 36 °C Graphics 32_LCD_TV (1680x1050@30Hz) K202HQL (1366x768@60Hz) 8192MB ATI Radeon RX 570 Series (XFX Pine Group) 54 °C Storage 465GB Seagate ST3500312CS (SATA) 37 °C Optical Drives ATAPI DVD A DH20A1S Audio AMD High Definition Audio Device
  4. Hi y'all, I've run into a spot of bother with the dev kit for the Belleza Jake mesh body. Any autohide configuration produced by the autohide helper, when added to an attachment with the auto-hide script, seems to always unhide the hands of the body, even though they weren't selected on the autohide helper. This isn't great if you have handwear and footwear that might be added and taken off seperately. Has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks, Diawl
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