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  1. Lindal and Nalates, Thank You very much. The Virus scan angle makes a lot of sense to me, so I'll aggressively pursue that! I'll also study up on the resource/performance monitors, memory usage and driver updates. I found that I read my specs wrong and actually do have 6GB physical memory, but your case for more memory seems sound. As a point, I am running 64-bit, so I wouldn't have to change anything there if I kicked the RAM up significantly. Again, thank you... I now have several great directions in which to explore... kinda' like in SL itself <gentle smile>. Hadn't heard of/noticed "Profile Icons" before... something else to feed my curiosity with.
  2. I am occasionally being disconnected from SL. I am typically running only Firestorm when in SL (no other applications active). The disconnect is always preceded by 1 to 2 minutes of Constant Intense Disk Activity ['CIDA' <grin>]. Occasionally, the CIDA is short enough that I do NOT get disconnected, meaning under a minute. During this CIDA period, I cannot move in SL, no screen info is updated (chat/radar, etc), I am essentially SL frozen. Typically, as soon as I'm dropped, the CIDA ceases and I am able to close Firestorm, restart it and resume my SL explorations. The situation does not happen every session, but seems most common when I enter a new area with lots of new textures/objects etc. My imagination takes me to "the texture cache just filled up and is going through a purge", but I don't know enough about the Firestorm cache to confidently defend this view. Other than this one thing, my SL experience is great... FPS seem good, response good, I can go hours and even a couple of sessions before the dreaded CIDA strikes, with its possible disconnection. I cannot associate any specific in-world actions (taking pictures, etc) that trigger the CIDA. I don't recall having the CIDA occur in any other application on my system. Any thoughts (or associated humorous stories) would be appreciated. BACKGROUND: System: i7 cpu, 4GB ram, Gforce GTX 970 4GB, Win7, 64bit. Network: Direct wired cable modem, speed commonly 20+GB down, 10+GB up to Tucon AZ. Firestorm: Max bandwidth 1500, Cache size 3072
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