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  1. Thanks everyone for your help!It's the alpha that's missing...
  2. I'll do it,probably that's the case... I bought other Bento hands from another creator and there's alpha to use/wear,and yeah,works perfectly... Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!
  3. but there's no alpha,only in the hud there is alpha layers to hide the bento hands,but there's no alpha to hide the system avatar hands...weird https://gyazo.com/de3918f27c8cd1bb59563b7eedfbf9f7
  4. Hello,i just try to use bento hands,but when i wear them i have 4 hands,two bento and the default ones...i can't find how to remove the normal hands.Is it to do with shape/skin? I would appreciate if someone can help. Thanks in advance.
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