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  1. Ah, I was wondering why things weren't syncing the first time I loaded it up. Thanks for telling me - I was wondering if I'd somehow messed something up. Hoooolyyyy crap, I didn't know about local textures! The wonders of Firestorm - I'm glad I already use it so I don't have to download another viewer. You just saved my life.
  2. Ah, I don't really have reliable hours. I get on when I'm not working... and when I haven't exhausted my bandwidth. I think a lot of the problem is that most of the time I forget about a project before I get to actually making the textures, so I don't have as much practice with it, ahahaha. Only moved onto texturing my meshes, like, a year ago lmao. That's some really nice advice! <3 I mean, I have like $30L so I don't get much opportunity to actually wear my stuff, but I just heard about Aditi so I'm gonna try that out. I'll def check out those groups, though.
  3. @Bitsy Buccaneer: Thanks so much for the answer! I'll definitely have to check those tutorials out. I'm not actually planning on putting this particular piece on the market - it's a year old at this point, and you're right about the knit being wayyyy too big. I don't know why, but texture scale was my bane for the longest time.
  4. I've been wanting to get into SL content creation for, like, actual years but it's so intimidating and a lot of the guides seem to be outdated. Do ya'll mind sharing tips and must-knows for creating content in SL and getting successful with it? And... wtf are appliers? The attached image is, like, only 1 of 2 things I've ever completed for SL - I get that it's not the most unique, but is the rigging passable? I know the bump map sucks, and I probably should've used geometry to bring out the collar. Anyways...
  5. I love mudbox, but I usually only use it for normal/bump/occlusion map making. If you're making a skin, I'd assume that means you're using the texture painter, which I never use. But to export a texture in Mudbox, you go to UVs&Maps > Extract Texture Maps and select whatever map you want to extract. For a painted skin, you'd go to Transferred Paint Layers. You can also extract the occlusion maps and overlay it in an image editing program to make it look better.
  6. Even though I've had the account for years, I just now got a computer that can play it. (How exciting! <3) But, to be honest, I'm not sure where to begin. I mostly just sit around the hotspots and lurk in on conversations like a weirdo... So what do you guys do in SL?
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