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  1. created the website a while ago, it also had a update if you already know it click it if you wanna see it! http://guristaspiratestail.cf
  2. Website is under construction please watch this post!
  3. Are you tired of those laggy clubs, are you bored and lonely, or do you want to simply shop around. Do you like video games anime, and furries? All is welcome humans,vamps(no biteing), furries, neko's, scalies, feathuries. come over and have fun! Guristas Pirates tail http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oasis%20of%20Dreams/108/50/4013
  4. I know a lot of you probably have favorite clubs to go to, but this is a new one it has been around for about 5 months now, but you all might like it. The club i am talking about is Seductivley Kawaii, please come over and have fun, its a very clean sim and there are also stores open for developers to sell there stuff, if you are also looking for a home to rent, you can also contract the owner of the club and sim. Come over to SeductivleyKawaii Tags: Furry,Neko,Anime,Kawaii http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Praslin%20Seychelles/52/116/2004
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