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  1. I to love to take pictures, and I never judge others about what they wear or do here, just look at the pictures on my profile page and you will see I have no room to judge, I try to be an artist and I have a couple galleries where I display some of my pictures from SL that I have turned into virtual paintings for SL. I have my own family unit I am a part of but always looking for friends, especially friends who like to get out and explore all there is in SL. Right now my RL makes it hard to get online with any consistacy.
  2. Once upon a time, I always wore short black hair. This is so much like a look I would have gone for back in the day. IDK somehow my look has transformed over time.
  3. I probably can't help, but I do know that those who can will need to know what kind of body and what kind of head you are using.
  4. Actually it just occurred to me I can get the SLURL off my MP page without having to get online in SL, which right now I can't do much and when I do I have a million things I want to do and don't get most of them done. So anyway here it is. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edgerley/33/16/28
  5. Interesting, I have several UK friends despite the fact I am in the US, This is due to the fact that I typically I am on during the day, M-F when most of my US counterparts are at work, but people in the UK have gotten home for the evening.
  6. Well it isn't a matter of knowing what you are doing, an artist is a craftsman who comprehends fully the craft he or she works in, but rather the meaning of the work, and what it says to the world. certainly some idiot who doesn't understand even the basics of the craft he is trying to perform is not an artist. It is as if the artist continually develops a more and more complex understanding of the art up to the limits of human comprehension, and then because the limit is reached, the artists comprehension levels off, but the work itself continues to soar beyond that point.
  7. This may be the common denominator of all great artists, their work transcends even their own comprehension.
  8. The show opens this Friday and runs 3 days. I will post the location tomorrow or Friday so you all can check it out.
  9. Find a place to dance, lots of guys will tip you just for the dance and you can make money without ever having to come off the pole. Of course you will get offers as well. Always be sure you get paid up front, and it is best if you make them pay you before you come down off the pole. No point in going all the way to their house just to find out they arn't serious about paying you, and believe me plenty of guys will do that, I guess they hope once you are there you will ***** them for free. While the best money is at the clubs that hire you to work, you can make good money and have more freedom if you start out finding places to freelance. That is what I did and never actually worked at a club. Don't believe the "you gotta be mesh to make money" line, yes a lot of clubs require it but i did very well before i switched to mesh, and I know plenty of other girls who do as well. What is more important is talking to the guys and building relationships with them. I use text, and I would IM every guy in the sim. Most just chatted with me but enough of them would come over and tip me to make it all worthwhile.
  10. I was once visiting a place and looked on the map and noticed it was about seven sims away from my apartment, at that time I was living on mainland, and so I told my friend I was with, lets walk, so we did. We found a few interesting things along the way, and yes it was an interesting accomplishment to go that far in SL on foot.
  11. LOL, you remind me very much a one of my best friends here, who now rarely makes it online, I will try to get you a message in-world.
  12. So we have a thread where we share the place in RL where we sit and log on from, but in SL that isn't where we live, So this thread is to share the place in SL where out home is. I live in a house on an island in Seduction Harbor, it is my SL brother in law's island he just lets me and his brother, and his SL daughter live there with him to keep him company.
  13. I just realized I need to stop by with a new landmark, the gallery I had I had to close because the landowner decided to let his Girlfriend do something else with the land it was on. I have a new gallery now.
  14. Merchants can also leave comments on a review and tell their side of the story when a purchaser is being unreasonable, or as in my own case when I correct the problem, deliver a corrected item, plus a full refund, and the guy never changes the review or even says thanks to me in an IM.
  15. I was good friends with this girl, she even had one of her picks about me, as her best friend. Well her RL started to get busy, then one day she just stopped showing up, she didn't say anything, but she had mentioned that RL would be interfering. I just figured it was life in SL and moved on. Then a few months ago, I discover she came back, not as an alt, but as her old self, but this time without me on her friends list, or on her picks, and she removed herself from my group for people interested in my art. She was partnered before and her old partner and I remain friends, but she treated him pretty much the same way, she now has a new partner.
  16. I don't RP, but I love to be social, look me up, but I must warn you right now RL issues keep me away a lot.
  17. See we are neighbors, I am from Florida, waves across the Gulf.
  18. Wow, that's my neighborhood, we must be neighbors
  19. How about asking for virtual things but not telling them you mean virtual. "Oh I would like diamond earrings" then "Oh you got me real diamonds, you shouldn't have, but now that they are here I might as well use them."
  20. Is procrastination an emotion? oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Rhonda
  21. Ok so today I took this while setting up for the Spring Sensuality show, behind me is my latest experiment with light and shadow. Probably my hottest image on SL yet.
  22. Cause vanity isn't just about nice clothes
  23. A friend and I were walking through the woods when we came across a bench, we sat and discovered it had adult animations, we started using them, suddenly we were flying through cyberspace and were banned from the sim, it was a general sim, but I often wondered why there was adult animated bench in a G rated sim. Now I know it actually shouldn't have been there.
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