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  1. Forget the fact I need to buy the stuff with my money (though actually I couldn't forget that) it sounds like you are wanting this twin sister to be a mirror image of you. No way that I will sacrifice my personal style and adapt yours. I would not do that in RL if I had a twin sister. If she wears pink ruffles, I am going goth, just to be unique.

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  2. 11 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

    And it doesn't

    Well I for one wasn't totally sure if the OP was looking for the rules, or opinions about what matters to individual people.

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  3. Parts  of me  are  missing, it is actually the alpha which is  messed up, one breast and part of my neck do not show on my viewer.  Other  people tell me they do not see any issues.  I do not see any  issues when I use the SL viewer.  Any ideas  as to why this might be?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

    When they wear full-bright hair.

    Block them for that? That is what de-render is for.

    Remember when  you lock someone  you  are  blocking their  communications from reaching you.   Which means  they can  still  see  you, and they  can talk about you  i   local  chat,  but  you can't see what they are saying.  Which is why I do not block nearly as much as I used to.

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