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  1. 4 minutes ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

    I have noticed in all the links posted about the legality of lootboxes and gachas that they all talk about online games. How lootboxes offer a random chance to purchase an item that will give you an edge over other players or make the game easier to beat. Seeing as SL isnt a game and gachas give ZERO advantage or edge, why is this even a problem?

    "ITS GAMBLIIING AND EVILLL!!" Is it though? You get an item with every pay.

    An item is only rare if the creator sets it as such. What if the rare item isnt what i want? I dont want the purple cape house.. I want the sofa. And as for the pirce jack up on the MP, if people werent willing to pay that much for an item, it wouldnt sell. Just because joebob resident says the "rare" item is worth $5000L doesnt mean its actually worth that much. 

    That's all true. But I think the laws don't care. "It's GAMBLING AND THUS EVILLL" is right. And LL's lawyers be like "Yeah no you don't want anything to do with that".

    But really, Second Life is at it's core a dress up game, lets be real. And you can't say that some of the best, most fanciest/fluffiest/cutest stuff on the grid wasn't those flashy rares in the more popular clothing gachas. That is in a sense an "edge", yeah?

  2. 18 minutes ago, Finite said:

    So even if it is actually gambling and there's a legal sense that it is (currently there is no legal sense in the US on GACHA) then what's the big issue? It's not illegal in the US. More and more states are legalizing it. My state just opened a couple casinos over the past few years.

    You're not wrong. It's just that SL, while based in the US, has a substantial portion of it's population in other countries. And if it wants to continue to provide services to residents there it needs to be in compliance with certain core regulations. Plus they are not wrong that the regulatory climate even HERE is starting to get tense. It genuinely sucks, I agree with you 100%. But I don't think they're making the wrong decision.

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  3. I'd like to weigh in on this a bit now that people seem to be calming down. I've been following the thread and seeing a mix of jubilation and doomsday predictions and I do have to say I suspect the real outcome will lie somewhere in between. It will likely take Second Life's economy awhile to truly recover from this. I feel endless remorse for the creators who made their livelihoods partially or entirely dependent on Gacha. They weren't doing anything wrong. As someone who came to SL completely lost and truly found herself here, I reckon most of them are simply doing what they can to monetize what they love to do. Just like the rest of us fortunate enough to become creators in SL. It is going to take awhile for things to feel like they're ok again. But that is in and of itself okay. Second Life will survive.

    I would also like to state that I think it is apparent that the Lindens did NOT want to have to ban Gacha. They did it to protect their business, which also means protecting this community. Being in charge of something means that sometimes you have to make choices that are hard. Choices that might hurt in the short term while ensuring stability in the long term. Gacha brought a LOT of money into SL. There is a reason many creators focused on them entirely. Gacha are extremely lucrative. They are designed to trigger the very same impulses that more dangerous games of chance like gambling do. But it is that exactly which puts them in a grey area. And unfortunately for us, countries around the world are beginning to equate them to gambling and outlaw them. My point is, LL probably stands to lose a bit on this decision as well. Profits for this year may stagnate or go down, despite people insisting that they'll get a boost from MP sales. I assure you they probably made a lot more from Linden purchases around The Epiphany/The Arcade time. Charity donations from events that support Veterans and RFL depended heavily on gacha sales and stand to also lose a lot. But I believe it is what LL had to do.

    It may not be fun, it may not be popular. But it is definitely smart to head off potential lawsuits by banning something that doesn't look like it has much of a future in games.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    I posted this about six hours ago but it got lost somehow so reposting.  Didn't read the TOME of info on this thread so it may have been said along the way. 


    AND Seraphim will be hosting a listing of "fire sale" gachas for those that don't know already :D.   


    So this thread is WAY too long and I will put my personal thoughts "elsewhere", 

    *********BUT BUT BUT **********

    This really needs to be said and in all the post I read (not  all as it made me tired) I didn't see this comment.


    While Linden Lab may give you the right to resell your no-copy gacha items as regular items  ----- IF you were in some of the top gacha events, you (as a creator) agreed to NEVER SELL THEM ANY OTHER WAY BUT GACHAS.


    Shall I repeat?  Nope. You got the idea.  


    So that mean for those of us that are honest and keep our word (I have LOTS of gachas made in the past) those items will be discontinued operantly. There is no other way to comply.  SOME events let you sell items as both no-copy gachas and fatpacks in the same event. So those fatpacks could still be sold of course.   


    BUT (again that BUT thing) -- EVEN if you only made a gacha set for YOUR store and never sold it as a fatpack --- you pretty much PROMISED your customers that it would always "just" be in gacha form. That is how the gacha reseller stay in business. 


    Heading off to type elsewhere. 




    While this is correct, it is slightly misleading. I know several creators who have received correspondence from the event staff of the events they participated in that due to the recent events they are released from those rules.

    It is highly unlikely that ANY event will make any attempt to hold creators to their word now that Gachas are going away entirely.

    If this just becomes a rumor it could become damaging, everyone please contact the hosts of the events you were in to get information on your individual contracts! Creators deserve to be able to monetize their creations after the Gacha ban if they so choose to!

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  5. As far as I am aware, only the Teegle community is still very active in terms of actually having people attend it's events. I would encourage you to go to Teegle, join the Teegle group and Teegle Events group, and ask in the chat about some of the sims that are active and currently hosting events. Teegle also has a very active Discord and Flickr. I'm surprised you missed them, because we have very many people active in the community every day.

    Here are some sims you can check out:

    Evergarden Equestrian:

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gooseberry Meadows/128/128/2

    Future Equestrians:

    Toor Equestrians:


    Maple Leaf Riding Center:


    Teegle Main Sim:


  6. 6 minutes ago, BinBash said:

    It makes sense that Monstaar isn't aware of a free avenue, many people think there is only one solution so even though 3ds Max's free educational version can be used to tinker with, and is compatible with Second Life specific features, let's put that aside for a moment and, again, address the "single pipe-line" model that so many seem to be preporting as a means for creating and using mesh in Second Life.

    I was aware of that, actually! The problem with suggesting that to a potential -beginner- is that there is not as much documentation for 3DS content creation for Second Life as there is for Blender/Avastar. Blender/Avastar are far more widely supported than anything else I've encountered in my years of being just a general content creator, so I do see it as a solid option for those just dipping their toes into creating mesh for Second Life.

    However, I am a thorough proponent for being resourceful and having options, -I- will likely buy the "Bento Buddy" Add on you made :3. It does look handy. Avastar does have it's drawbacks, and most serious content creators should have more than one way to get things done!

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  7. Marvelous Designer is closer to Zbrush in concept, when you think about it. It's a highly specialized sculpting program with very limited tools in other areas. One of the benefits to using it though is that it does create some very simple easy UVs that are easy for starting Texture artists to find their way around :D. I actually own and and now that I'm comfortable enough with mesh, I plan to start using it this year!

    5 minutes ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    A quick inspection makes it painfully obvious whether A PRODUCT is basically MD's export output with zero remeshing or unwrapping done to it.

    Yeeees god. You can tell when you inspect the mesh. It both deforms weirdly when rigged and nearly crashes my viewer when I try to inspect it. MD mesh should always be retopologized before it is rigged, hence most of us assuming that the OP needs to learn Blender/Some other program first.


  8. Blender is by far the easiest tool for beginner creators to learn, and for those without the financial means to acquire programs like 3ds Max/Maya/etc it is indispensable. However, aside from that, @Wulfie Reanimator is correct. Marvelous Designer alone is not sufficient to create mesh for SL. Wulfie seems to be inferring that the poster is not experienced enough to know their way around marvelous designer and that they don't seem to have a backup program to complete -the rest- of the content creation pipeline such as rigging/UVing/etc. If they did, they would certainly know how to export an OBJ to import into Marvelous Designer. Hence why they suggested learning their way around a simpler/easier to access tool like Blender first :).

    To the original poster:

    To answer your question,

    the easiest method for you is going to be to:

    -download Blender (2.79 has the most stable support) and purchase Avastar (It's not expensive, and totally worth it if you plan to go into content creation seriously)

    -Once you have the Avastar Add-on installed, you can export the generic Avatar model as an OBJ (object)

    -and then import that object into MD (look up a tutorial on importing models into Marvelous Designer)

    -You can then design your clothes, export them, and from there you will need to rig them/Texture them and etc. I do not know if you already know how to do this so I'm not going to assume.


    If you want to make mesh for something like Maitreya/Legacy/Slink etc, you will need to apply for the kits. Most of them come with OBJs already prepared for use in programs like Marvelous Designer :). These steps will help you get the basic Second Life Avatar mesh into Marvelous Designer. You may hit me up in world if you'd like clarification on some things :D.

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  9. There are several ways to deal with the issue you describe with Teeglepets. I know it's been a bit but I would like to put this here just so others are aware if they ever have this question. When you actually own a copy of the horse, you have the option to change the horse from physical to phantom in the horse's popup menu. SL Physics can be kind of wonky, so this option was included to make riding a lot easier. Generally I find, however, that when I'm out riding in different sims using the horse I prefer wearing it as an attachment, as it allows me to teleport to different places with the horse. Best of luck to you!

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