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  1. I'm all dressed up from going to a wedding but I'm mostly showing off my new horse haha.
  2. I was aware of that, actually! The problem with suggesting that to a potential -beginner- is that there is not as much documentation for 3DS content creation for Second Life as there is for Blender/Avastar. Blender/Avastar are far more widely supported than anything else I've encountered in my years of being just a general content creator, so I do see it as a solid option for those just dipping their toes into creating mesh for Second Life. However, I am a thorough proponent for being resourceful and having options, -I- will likely buy the "Bento Buddy" Add on you made :3. It does look ha
  3. Marvelous Designer is closer to Zbrush in concept, when you think about it. It's a highly specialized sculpting program with very limited tools in other areas. One of the benefits to using it though is that it does create some very simple easy UVs that are easy for starting Texture artists to find their way around :D. I actually own and and now that I'm comfortable enough with mesh, I plan to start using it this year! Yeeees god. You can tell when you inspect the mesh. It both deforms weirdly when rigged and nearly crashes my viewer when I try to inspect it. MD mesh should always be re
  4. Blender is by far the easiest tool for beginner creators to learn, and for those without the financial means to acquire programs like 3ds Max/Maya/etc it is indispensable. However, aside from that, @Wulfie Reanimator is correct. Marvelous Designer alone is not sufficient to create mesh for SL. Wulfie seems to be inferring that the poster is not experienced enough to know their way around marvelous designer and that they don't seem to have a backup program to complete -the rest- of the content creation pipeline such as rigging/UVing/etc. If they did, they would certainly know how to export an O
  5. There are several ways to deal with the issue you describe with Teeglepets. I know it's been a bit but I would like to put this here just so others are aware if they ever have this question. When you actually own a copy of the horse, you have the option to change the horse from physical to phantom in the horse's popup menu. SL Physics can be kind of wonky, so this option was included to make riding a lot easier. Generally I find, however, that when I'm out riding in different sims using the horse I prefer wearing it as an attachment, as it allows me to teleport to different places with the hor
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