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  1. Hi, could anyone please confirm if it is normal for a catwa purchased head to look absolutely nothing like the demo.? Someome I know and love very much has spent literally weeks on choosing the right head for her, and I mean weeks ..Anyway after several demos and doing the ‘ learning curve’ with using appliers etc , she decided on a particular Catawa head and I believe a Matreya Lara body . Shes absolutely distraught, the face is malformed and I have to admit it looks nothing like the demo, she logged off in tears of anger, and has been inconsolable since. I have suggested, that it is possibly a glitch that has caused the shape not to render properly, is this a realistic expectation? Could this happen? She’s just so disappointed and angry at spending the best part of 10k lindens on all this and it not looking anything like the demo . Any suggestions would be greatfully received
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