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  1. Howdy! im new as a seller on the MP and im trying to sell an item called e.marie // Lolli - Blinged (add) RARE but after i edit it to place it on market it keeps saying this; The product cant be included because the "Name field" contains text not supported. Can someone help me to guess whats the problem here? I tried changing the item names but it keeps saying me this.. thanks tons in advance ♥
  2. Tx Fionalein for the answer! its a good tip to work on beta platform couse yes, i do some uploads of what i create and it cost me some linds.
  3. Hola gente! quiero saber si hay problemas para vender lindens en LINDEX y pasar el dinero a mi cuenta de Paypal, siendo recidente de Argentina. Porque leo por todos lados que en sudamerica no es fàcil hacerlo no se porquè. Alguien que me ayude a saberlo, lo agradezco mucho. Saludos
  4. Howdy all! So i was curious about How to create makeup for my Catwa bento head and i decided to check on utube.. the fact is there r fewww video tutorials for that, and the one CATWA did is hard to understand, and it doesnt show clearly all the steps. So i did my own way and i made a TGA lipstick (with transparent background) then i exported it to SL and i made the Catwa applier hud. Once it is applied, its a big mess. And it cant be fixed via Blend Mask toching. Anyone has good advices on how to create a descent lipstick or makeup in general? I will appreciate the help ☺
  5. And Rolig Loon ty tons too! yes i had no idea of the combo rules and wasnt sure how they will react. Thanks for your time to help me too ♥
  6. Thank you soooo much for taking time to make a pic and answer me Chic Aeon ♥. I was doubting bcs i read in other topic that i wasnt able to put a no copy item with a copy one. But then i remind lot of folders i receive have nc and copy items inside so.. Anyways ty tons. I did a try with an alt and when i open the box, the gacha skin (nc nm) gone to the "objects" folder,, while the shapes (c nm nt) created a new folder called as how i named the box containing both things. So i had to open the nc nm item and introduce it inside the shapes folder first, then i packed all in a box that bec
  7. Howdy! im new as a seller on the MP and im trying to sell a combo item that includes: 1 a no copy no mod transf Item + a copy NO mod No transfer item together. So my question is if i can box both items in a same box to place them on the MP, or how can i do to make a combo including both items in one box, or so .. I know some creators actually sell ,per example, a box containing one no copy no mod skirt + one copy mod transfer notecard+ other items copy no mod no transf..and i wonder how can i do the same. thanks tons in advance ♥
  8. Howdy! im new in the MP as a seller and im trying to sell 2 things with different permissions: 1 Gacha skin no copy no mod transfer 2. A bento shape for that skin Copy NO mod, NO transfer. My question is if i can put that together in one box as sell it as a combo, as i want. or how can i do to sell them together, but keeping those permisions, so the shape doesnt become modify or transfer. Thank you so much in advice! ♥
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