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  1. There are some decent male appliers for the m3 heads (specifically the newer one can't think of the name) you could use that and a "realistic" male body such as slink, Adam, or signatures which may give you more variety as far as clothing goes.
  2. There's also the 6doo head which is omega compatible and be to. If your still looking.
  3. For me the missing folders were once with no special characters in there names. As far as I know there were also no DMCA'd Items in there (but hard to tell for sure. I updated the ticker with further details...I think you may be right that it is triggered by deleting something within that folder that then deletes the whole folder. for me this specifically only happens to items int he objects folder not top level stuff that I've noticed. If it's happening to you on top level items as well you may want to add your information to the ticket as well and this image so that the lindens working on th
  4. @Prokofy Neva I'm not sure if it's related only to the object folder specifically or any main folder with subfolder in it.I only notice it's happened both times to subfolder located in objects. I've deleted folders in other main folders such as outfits and so on with many sub folders some with many items in them and hadn't had it happen. Its possible moving the folder you want to delete outside of a main folder then deleting will help. Its hard to say for sure. I'm only adding as much detail as I can remember and as stated for me it only happened when in the particular folder no other time. P
  5. This has definitely happen to me at least twice. I got that message saying my trash had oveflowed. Now I have a tendency to not empty it so I thought nothing of it until I emptied it and my backups folder was gone! The second time I checked to see if the folder was,in there (labeled backups again) and it was not. I figured it was safe to empty the trash and my stuff all disappeared. For me this seems to only happen to folders located in the objects folder and only if I delete something from that folder it takes the other folder with it. I was keeping no copy items in there to all my gatcha cl
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