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  1. Asking for clarification is a joke. I sent multiple messages and phone calls and they only showed the list of Terms and Services but not specify as to what has been broken.
  2. After 2 days of frustration with customer service, all of my 5 accounts were permanently banned. What pisses me off is that it took me several phone calls and messages for them to tell me that all of my accounts instead of just telling me at once when I logged on and the fact that my offense isn't even that serious(I mean logging in several accounts? My friends do that all the time!)... Lindenlabs goes ape $hit over me logging into some accounts at once one time yet doesn't care about the trolls or harassers who haven't even spent a dime on SL... I'm done with Second Life and I hope it dies of
  3. Actual I haven't received any emails on either of my accounts...I checked both the regular inbox and spam but nothing...
  4. Well a few days ago, I decided to use multiple viewers (requiring multiple accounts) to benchmark my computer. (I was just curious) Now all the accounts that were involed are placed in "Administrative Hold" and when I search up my accounts using the SL searcher they say that all my accounts are "unavailable". Does that mean that all of my accounts are banned? I can't believe I'm not allowed to do that and I spent $200 into Sl.. (P.S. I already sent the ticket but it is taking forever...)
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