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  1. <=================== admits to being a dirty bird.
  2. We all understand the frustration. You can go to this thread for tips on how to get a home.
  3. River Run still shows as protected land on the map. I think some are hoping that it goes later today and maybe more are abandoning their plots for a shot at it?
  4. Yes it sure was! Looks like only 9 HB no traditional houses.
  5. I think they just released them just a few minutes ago.
  6. Not sure if this interests you, but I got some moss ground cover : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Violetility-Mesh-Ground-Covers/9300841 If you want to see what it looks like just PM me I can show you inworld. edited: never mind looks like others gave you this link in the other thread! Sorry.
  7. I'm another one that takes their time decorating. Sometimes I get halfway done and change my mind on the style of decor and house I want to use. Not sure why people think it is their business on how fast others decorate their homes. People are under no obligation to even decorate their home and they certainly don't owe others an explanation on why their house sits empty. It just boggles my mind.
  8. I do hope you end up getting a place that is right for you , I truly do .
  9. Do you consider yourself a hopper as well? It seems you have given up homes to also get a home in the newer regions. It seems your goal is newer regions not abandoned. So I am not sure how you are different from the others who are trying to get a home in an area that works for them in the newer regions. Would you be happy with an older region that met your needs or does it have to be one of the new ones? Not criticizing I am just curious. I do understand about lag cause I know for me, I need to be in an area where I am not boxed in by houses. I don't deny that I have hopped around in order to get a parcel that has less lag because it has less houses or one with more landscaping as I prefer green instead of sand. I don't even need ocean views , but I can admit that I am picky about the landscaping and some of the stuff around me. Derender is my friend when it comes to items I don't want to look at. I could even end up with lag issues again if Karma decides I have been a bad girl hopping around 😀. Every region will eventually have the same issues of people putting out stuff that others think are unrealistic that will happen even if the region is new.
  10. Also some just find out a release might happen and that is why they abandon it at that time especially if it was happening on an off day. I am also done hopping for now as the parcel I have is just perfect for me.
  11. I am actually glad you started this thread cause I would like to know too. I have no clue either!
  12. Well I can admit that I do get annoyed when things break up, but sometimes I think that is because my draw distance is set too low. I do like my place to look nice for others, but at the end of the day I am the one that has to be happy with the look of it and how much the breakup annoys me. Right now I am just trying to get my house decorated the way I like it with the things I have now. I think once I finally settle on a look and style I will try to buy other things that have better LOD. Personally, I think if you like the pergolas you should keep them.
  13. I do too and I hope she keeps posting them!
  14. The only problem with big releases is that they might happen just once and you only get one chance, then you might have to wait a few more months for another one. This way if they are releasing them 2 - 3 times a week, people have other days and times they can try to get one so your chances go up. And it seems pointless to have the houses just sit there for months and months (I am just guessing at how long) . Personally I have found it much easier to get a house that someone abandons. If you are at your computer for a certain length of time you can just put on auto refresh and see what you get. Sometimes I have gotten lucky and sometimes not. There is no way for certain to tell if the alts are getting all the new releases but I do doubt it. I have an alt and out of all the releases they have done I got lucky once. Most people that do use an alt to get a better location give it up as soon as they see it is not for them so it goes back in the pool. I do hope that you get a home soon .
  15. Also whenever I had time to sit at my computer and do things I would do auto refresh and try to get an abandoned house. People do release really nice locations and parcels because it doesn't work for them or they have a house and want a house boat and visa versa.
  16. You are not doing anything wrong. Just means someone else was faster clicking the buttons and got it before you.
  17. There is nothing wrong with being disappointed if you are. It can be hard to decorate a plot where you can't use the boats you want or the house you want.
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