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  1. Sending out positive mojo to everyone who is trying to get a house today!
  2. Your plot is out there, it just has to find you :).
  3. I got a house last night and I was using 1 second. However my speed is pretty fast. I saw several houseboats and house show up, missed those and then got lucky. Just keep trying.
  4. Good luck to everyone! Sending out lots of positive mojo.
  5. just had another houseboat pop up hope whoever wanted one got it!
  6. No one is forcing you to look at them.
  7. I turn on the auto refresh if I am at my computer and not doing much else. Mondays are my days off so I can get up early and see if I can catch the release that comes out that day. Wednesday and Friday I work and I'm not getting up any earlier than I have to. For me it is just a house and it is not going to make or break my SL experience. I come to SL to unwind and de-stress not work myself into a frenzy. As for a list sounds great in theory, but really it would be a nightmare for the one having to manage it. The houses just have to catch up to demand. As others have also stated these are not cookie cutter regions, they are putting time and effort into making this look nice and giving us all a better SL experience. I believe that everyone will eventually get a house or houseboat and once you get one it will be well worth the wait.
  8. I'm sorry you missed it. I am just trying to get a traditional house. Maybe some are getting ready for tomorrows release.
  9. i just saw a traditional house pop up. Missed it cause I went to get coffee .
  10. There really is no way to do this that is going to make everyone happy. First come, first serve seems the best way to go. Even if they had a list those at the bottom wouldn't be happy. At least releasing them throughout the week it seems like there is movement and people are at least getting homes. And these are not cookie cutter regions so that is really nice and I think well worth the wait. I have a houseboat on my alt, but I did get rid of my traditional house on this one cause I really didn't like the location and I tried. I am sure whoever got my parcel was extremely happy and I hope they enjoy it! I go to the home page and try the refresh thing once in awhile but I am not obsessing over it. I know I will get one at some point or even one of those cute campers. Sometimes if a person is that frustrated it is best to step away from trying to get one and give yourself a break. These homes aren't going anywhere and at some point I am sure there will be lots.
  11. Personally I don't think people need to explain why their house sits empty. It is your house and you can do what you want as long as you follow the covenant. You can take as long as you want decorating it. And people shouldn't feel guilty or be made to feel guilty because they have multiple premium accounts and they have multiple houses. They paid for their premium.
  12. I just saw a traditional home pop up! Who go it!
  13. Totally agree. It will happen for everyone eventually. I understand people are frustrated and feel like they are losing out. There will be even more different themes eventually and really the moles are doing the best they can and trying to do it as fast as they can. And it is fun to watch people eventually get a new home and to see the regions grow.
  14. People need to vent. Personally I see nothing wrong with it as long as they are polite about it and don't get derogatory about it. And Patch did say they were going to release them this way and see how it goes. Nothing wrong with people giving feedback it is obvious that they do listen to it.
  15. I certainly agree that FOMO is real. I also play a farming game and I tell you people get upset over little things, like missing out on daily prizes, or freebies. I also work for a cell phone company and it is the same thing when new plans come out or new phones. People want instant gratification.
  16. I absolutely appreciate all the effort that has gone into the new homes and the houseboats. And after checking out the new campers I am even excited for those. In fact, I might try to get one of those when they come out.
  17. I'd be complaining cause I want a unicorn damnit! 😂
  18. I am actually checking these out now. I got rid of my house today to try to get a better location, but I think I might try to get these campers instead. My avi is not too tall so it actually is quite spacious for me. I am quite impressed with them.
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