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  1. totally off topic, but what pants are those? They make your butt look great! And your decorating looks great too hee hee.
  2. I love that you brought this up, cause each of my houses give me a different feel too. I have a traditional green and a traditional with sand both give me a different vibe. My victorian is both sand and grass, in a lagoon area, by the water which gives me a swampy, bayou kind of feel to it. My houseboat is just well.............peaceful cause of all the water.
  3. I use Nam's also for daily use for decorating, demoing, etc for when I want to see things clearly. I also like using the day cycles, SS Atmos 6 is my favorite. And now I have a new favorite water cause that one looks so nice! I sometimes will try various ones, especially a bit of fog if I don't want my draw distance high or don't want it too bright. It just depends on my mood.
  4. Yesterday I decided to try catch and release for my main with a traditional house I got in Conger Reef with one of my alts. It's not my #1 favorite one, but it is pretty high up there and it is the type of parcel I wanted my main to have and I want to retire that alt when the premium is up on it next week. I'll be darned if it didn't work and my main was able to catch it. However it could have easily gone the other way, I was just lucky that the house didn't sit in maintenance.
  5. I have a feeling we are all going to make the decision harder for her! hahahaha
  6. @Pussycat Catnap I went and checked out both. I can't decide which one I would pick, they both are fabulous locations. I am more partial to open water though so Fishtown looks like it has more of that and the lighthouse is a plus. I usually keep my draw distance around 120 at the max when I am home so for me the mountain wouldn't be a problem, however, if i had to look at it all the time then that would be a deal breaker for me. Coral Bay has a very unique entry and it is nice and green and that is a plus for me. It also faces open water another plus, however I feel a bit more boxed in with that one, but just a bit and not enough to be a deal breaker for me. And yes, it is your decision! 🤣. I don't think you can really go wrong with either location. If you really are not sure then you can keep it for another month and decide then.
  7. I am always amazed at the parcels that people abandon. I have gotten some great waterside parcels that way. I myself have also abandoned waterside parcels. One has to just keep trying.
  8. Okay I am going to release this Victorian at 2:00 AM SLT time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bandstand/248/123/23
  9. I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. I haven't had any issues today and haven't seen that screen. Did you pay for premium? If you are premium already and own land you might have to tier up, that is all I can think of right now.
  11. Where is that couch from if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I would use derender before I would leave my favorite plot. But I use firestorm.
  13. .............................and don't be chintzy with it either!
  14. I think getting a good houseboat location is harder then a house. The HB are usually placed pretty close together and it is harder to get a location where you aren't boxed in by other boats or have a good view that isn't other houseboats. I do hope you find what you are looking for . Yes GOH is frustrating even for those that have several alts.
  15. I let a parcel go in Baxter a few days ago when there were no more Victorians showing up on the page. It took over 1 hour or maybe even longer for someone to get it. I didn't stand there the whole time but i did go back and forth and check. Personally I wouldn't chance trying to catch a parcel I absolutely loved on my main by having my alt release it. I think the odds were better when there were less houses. I also have a traditional on one of my alts and I couldn't ask for a better parcel. There is only 5 houses in the region along with other pros that I totally love, so there is no way I am giving this one up. So I will just buck up and pay for that alt so that I can just keep it. The nice thing too about having your alt own your favorite is that you only need to bring them out to change the type of house. There is less chance for me to abandon the parcel by accident, cause I do go into parcel details to count prims, etc. while on my main. The only parcels I get back over and over again are the ones that aren't working for me! 😀
  16. @Catrie Totally impressed how you incorporated that blue wall in the windlass houseboat with your decorating. It looks great!
  17. @Elora Lunasea that link looks like that one is for Cadhaire. However I think it is fabulous you are releasing your other one at Christmas. Just think, it might go to someone who is going thru a bad holiday this year and maybe comes onto SL for a few hours to escape from RL, decides to try for a house and boom! You have made someone super happy! That is just good karma all around .
  18. I don't see how having 3 fountains out is against the covenant anyways. I am pretty if someone AR'd those it would be thrown in the trash.
  19. I blame the moles cause they have made such beautiful new homes for us. And with so many to choose from it is no wonder people want to hop around. I have done it myself and I am currently still doing it. One thing I have seen is that each parcel is truly unique and stunning in it's own way. There really is something for everyone. If you are the type that likes to landscape your own property there are properties that have less so that you can do more. Don't want to bother with the landscaping? There are lots of properties out there where you can have just that if you are lucky to land on it. You can be in the middle of everything if you like, or on the outskirts. I am also finding that the criteria I set out at the beginning in what I wanted in a parcel has changed. Which is good cause it gives you more choices. I find it quite exciting to be part of all this. I know at some point I will have to pick just one house and I will, but for now I am just going to enjoy the ride.
  20. My Alt got one in that region as well. It's a lovey little island that one!
  21. hahahahaha sorry you quoted waves back and thought that you meant that was the region name, not enough coffee for me today. I believe it is Granby Court .
  22. I am pretty sure that means he is waving back at the previous poster, not the region name lol.
  23. Yes it would be nice, but that would take away from the whole point of having different themes. The older homes have different themes and so will the newer ones .
  24. No. If you want victorian you can either use the add ons that people have made for the traditionals or abandon your traditional and get a victorian one.
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