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  1. The Blake Sea is woefully short on rez zones and the few available are often unmarked and imposssible to locate, the main map is no help, neither is Search. How can saiors find places to rez boats?
  2. Ok, so my problem is this: For the last couple of d ays i have been unableto log into Second Life. Or rather, I am immediately logged out everytime I do manage to log in. I have tried to log in via a variety of different sims, all to no avial. I do have an alternate account which I rarely use. I've found that I have no trouble at all loggin in with this So, why can't I log on with my primary account?
  3. I am pregnant by my SL boyfriend and we want to get married. So I went looking for weeding chapels, but when I found one, I was unable to send him a teleport. I don't know whey, but I can neither send him a TP or request one from him, and this is not the case with any of my other friends. He was online at the time too, so I'm wondering what exactly is up with that.
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