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  1. Thank you Alwin for your help,I got the email this morning saying that is everything ok and that my process credit will be processed shortly,Im waiting. Hugs.
  2. Thank you so much for your Help Alwin and Karen, I will be waiting.
  3. I think its because I am Cashing out now,This is the email I recieved: Please complete the following and leave a comment on the case so we know you are ready to proceed: Based on your Second Life activity, Linden Lab is required by applicable law to maintain your identification information. You must submit a photo ID and supporting documents within thirty (30) days of today. Currently, all of your pending process-credit requests will remain on hold. Once your documents have been verified, your credit requests will be released for processing (up to 5 business days). Failure to submit
  4. Thank you Alwin, I only would like to know how long does it usualy takes, I mean to LL verify my documents, I sent all they asked, and No replyies My ticket till now.
  5. Yesterday I recieved an email from LL wanting my ID and a copy of my phone bill, I immediately replyied the ticket sending all my documents, The question is: How long they take to verify my documents? because my cash outs are on hold.
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