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  1. Hello! We are seeking a DJ! You keep 100% of your tips! We would like someone who plays an assortment of music. The date of the event is not set yet, so we can work around your schedule. Message me inworld if you are interested! Toscajarvis Resident
  2. Hi, yes it is ToscaJarvis Resident. My comp actually died a horrible death right after posting this. I am still looking but I will not be back online till my new comp arrives (around the 8th) so if you messaged me, then please send me a NC so it doesnt get lost or just respond on here if you cannot find me in world. Sorry for the confusion! Tosca
  3. Hello I need a photographer for some sexy profile/budoir shots. They need to be edited and look professional, not just an SL camera snap. Please IM me your rates and a link to your gallery! Thank you! Tosca
  4. Hello! I play a 31 year old woman at Mischief Managed (Harry Potter RP). I am looking for a child to add to my rp that would be planning to attend Hogwarts in the new school year. As I play a 31 year old, you would need to be in first or second year. I play a pure blood slytherin, but not evil. I can gladly offer space in my home for you during the school holidays. IM me in world if interested for more information! Toscajarvis Resident
  5. Toscajarvis I have multiple degrees in theatre 🙂
  6. Hello! I am seeking a role play set up with a consistent role player. I am looking to explore a Master and servant rp. I can rp serving as your butler, maid, valet, chauffeur etc. This can be set up as a collared situation if you prefer. I don't care about fidelity, sleep, play or own whomever you want. I will gladly serve anyone you choose as well. For a consistent role player I am able to provide a house and setup for you to use as you wish. My kinks include service, objectification, degradation, light humiliation and more. I am SL+2 and have a updated mesh avie. I do ask that you have an updated avie as well. Please contact me in world you have an interest! Toscajarvis
  7. I have a teen character! (ish, I'm 12). I rp going to hogwarts (mischief managed) but it could be just that she goes to a boarding school far away to keep it vague. I am also looking for a rp family if anyone is interested!
  8. So I had actually taken them up on this offer but the RP sim they were on fell apart shortly afterwards with no fault to the OP. It was a cool setup for someone who like Master/servant style rp. I personally didn't care about the 300/week as the rp was my interest. If they got back together on a diff sim I would join them again. So don't knock something because its different to you. Its absolutely someones cup of tea.
  9. I use firestorm mainly and have the most updated version. Always run is toggled off, I reset skeleton and animations and did the revoke permissions. It didnt help.
  10. Hello! Before I put a ticket in to LL I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has a solution. Yesterday my avie started running instead of walking and I cannot figure how to stop it. Things I have done to troubleshoot it: Changed programs (I ran on both SL and firestorm) Underformed avie Stopped all animations Made sure RLV isnt checked. Took off all experiences Made sure the run button wasnt clicked Checked all my preferences that I could think might be doing it. And changed my avie back to default and built her back up to make sure nothing was attached forcing me to run. Any thoughts at all that might fix the issue are completely appreciated! I am running on every sim I go to, and relogging hasnt helped.
  11. Hello! I am a femdom seeking a male sub/slave to engage in a D/s relationship and rp with. I do rp in a few different places like game of thrones style or vampire style sims and if you are interested in joining me there then that will be a bonus but not required. As far as me and what I am looking for, I like high protocol, service, with a bit of kink thrown into it as well. Think downtown abbey, or even better think the marketplace by Laura Antoniou. I want someone intelligent and able to have a normal conversation that is open to roleplay and not dependent on huds or pose balls. I do enjoy kink play but if that’s all you are after then I am not the lady for you. I like doing other things in sl than just having sex over and over. I have spent a lot of time and money on upgrading my avie and prefer you to have spent time on yours as well but I am happy to buy any improvements to your appearance that I may wish to see. Unfortunately, I am not interested in sissies or female slaves. I like the strong masculine type. I am NOT a findom or escort. I do not expect money or gifts. Just loyal service. if you are interested in speaking with a classy femdom that seeks to create a quite elegant life in SL then message me in world. Please address me as Lady Catherine. Not mistress, goddess or any other variation. My sl name is toscajarvis
  12. Why would these creators not just sell them themselves instead of using a middleman? If I sell to you I get 8k total (if I'm lucky) if I sell in my own store I get a reoccurring profit as people shop over time. Seems like you want a fashion label without knowing how to do the work.
  13. You should check out this vendor, it seems to match the style you are looking for. I dont know about the fit though, but you may be able to demo it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Titans-The-Thief-Charcoal/7691187
  14. So I love SL GOT sims and have been looking to find a good one to call home, but I personally dislike cannon sims. Too many cranky people won't like an RP and start screaming that "That character would never say/do something like that!" I personally prefer a sim that is set way after the books or if its before, they change the cannon so RP can flourish. I dislike having a bunch of people running around as actual characters even if the universe did change a little bit. If it was without cannon characters id be more interested.
  15. Creators who have been accepted into Sansar signed a pretty heavy NDA. Until you are approved for the platform and can join into the sansar chats, youre not going to get much info.
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