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  1. in order to create good conditions for me and my wifey referring to our hotwife fantasy, I've been trying to find special places for hotwives-bulls encounters, specially clubs or pubs... I've found some options about it, but they don't always offer what I'm looking for, so that's the reason I want to know more about good specialized spots in which I could get a nice chilling ambient and also nice people whith adult thinking, of course... the specifical circumstances that I'm looking for are very simple, expressed in some words: a nice spot (can be a club as I've stated, a pub or any other kind), me in some corner of the place, my totally sexy and sexual blonde brazilian wife dancing alone in the presence of some men, stranger guy(s) approaches to her, flirting starts, a sexy couple dance between my wife and her new friend(s), then he/them takes my wife somewhere right there or any other place of our mutual choice to make her his/them... I just want to watch her getting very delighted and totally unleashed with other men, not looking for any kind of humiliation to me nor to her... me in threesome/foursome/gb on her is a possible option for my wife and me would appreciate any sugest... contact me at any time
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