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  1. :matte-motes-oh-rly: Thanks Karen for looking into this Henmation problem. I just spent over L3000 as a Newbie for the Henmation HUD and dances, to find out that the HUD has not worked for two years!! Your suggestion to REZ the HUD and go to the Content tab to move the dance animations out and in to an invitory folder did not work for me, even though I tried the four different sets of the HUD that I have. The dances showed up in Content, but the folders of each dance are empty because I moved the orange boxes in each yellow folder to the Content tab. Now I do not see any way to retrieve the
  2. :smileyfrustrated: I have to agree that Henmations seems to be a waist of money. I just bought their Dance Control V3 HUD, plus about 8 animation dances for the total price of around L3,000. I have been trying to get all of this to work for two days and have no luck. I can not load the animations to their webbased dance list either. If you are an advanced player then maybe you can figure this out, but for a newbie, like me, you may lose your money. I have also now lost the dance animations I payed for after moving them to the Content folder, does anyone know how I can find them and use th
  3. :smileyhappy: Thanks to all of you I have made my first Tutorial in Second Life. This will describe how to open the Box with the Bed that was purchased, which can also be applied to many other objects. Moving the bed around is also described. Any other suggestions are very welcome! _________________________________________________ Open a Mesh-Bed - Tutorial Purchase Bed. In your Second Life Screen go to Me/Inventory - top left. Find the Bed in the Received items at the bottom. Open the yellow folder and right click on the orange box. ..Choose Add to HUD bottom right. Right click o
  4. Thanks, detaching seems like the logical solution, but the bed just disappears when I do that.
  5. :smileyfrustrated: Hi again, Could someone please tell me how to get the bed I just unboxed and opened on to my arm to unattach and stay on the floor? I am using the new Adam mesh Avatar in the free Linden house I picked. I have tried editing it, then moving and rotating it on to the floor, but when I try many methods to separate it from me nothing works. It just follows my head and either goes under the floor or up in the air. Thanks again! :smileyhappy:
  6. Thanks Qie, interesting comment from an advisor. Let me know where you are the next time you are having sex with a humanoid or thing, I would actually like to watch, as I am sure thousands of other people would.
  7. :smileyfrustrated: I found out a lot more, but do not know exactly how this happened: My new lady-friend did not make her telaporting back to here free Linden Home here choice, as she is new, like me. When I ejected her from my Linden Home when we were done "visiting", she ended up on the Pooley Stage/moderate, where the gadgets live. I just located her, frozen from inactivity, with a Gadget's hand on her leg, who had the name above it's head of Gadgets. Some how a Gadgets named Rat Trapper followed her to my house and was looking at us making love, before it vanished. She did not make f
  8. OK, thanks for your suggestions, nice to have some way to keep this from happening again! Jake
  9. :smileymad: Hi, My Cabin was just invaded by a bot of some kind while I was entertaining a friend! All of a sudden a robot humanoid made of boxes and springs appeared in my home and watched my friend and I for about 15 seconds then vanished! I saw that it's named was something like Rat Trapper. I am new and have been accepting cards or invitations from groups, who I joined some of while traveling. Maybe someone picked up my link and invaded me from that, like a virus? Thanks! :smileysad:
  10. HI, :smileyindifferent: Can I have sex with one of my own Avatars in my Home? At the moment I only have one Avatar/male and would like to practice with a female. How would I do that? Thanks! :smileyhappy:
  11. Thanks Brier, I do remember some options for body hair, and I did not like the one for facial hair. Yes, I finally figured out by accident that I had to go to the bottom of the page to click that bottom, it is very sneaky and I wonder how many people have just bought the product, like me, with out trying it out first. Do you have any suggestions on what companies might have good facial hair for Adam? Thanks!
  12.   OK, here are some photos of what I have come up with so far! What do you think for my first attempt at an Avatar! I still have more to do, and with your help it will make it easier for me. Some of the first improvements would be; 1 .Can I make the ginitals look better? 2. What companys are good for face stubble, pubic hair and body hair for this mesh avatar? Thanks! Jake
  13. :smileyvery-happy:Thanks Cassie for the tip about making the light outside sunny again so I can take some pictures of Adam, I will be posting them soon! Jake
  14. :smileyfrustrated:I wanted to take some pictures of the Adam I am developing for you all to see, but the lighting in my Tahoe Cabin is dark now and would make for poor pictures. The Wizard must know where I live because the lighting outside seems to mimic the lighting where I live, as it is dark outside my earth dwelling. Buying lights would help I imagine. Is there a way to make the lighting brighter in my cabin, without installing lights? Or what beach or place could I land on to take some pictures in the sun? Thanks! :smileyhappy:
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