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  1. Oh I forgot.i have one human avi that will pass,but my prize avi is probably not a good fit.i can whip my human avi into shape fast though.im having issues modifieing it.
  2. As a side note,my account meets your requirements,but it was new,my original account got hacked.i have played SL sence it started.
  3. Intreasted in security,if you can tell me what the job duties includes id be gratefull
  4. Lol,I need a job bad,but I highly doubt my avi is suitable for your SIM.unless you need a demon for security.on a serious note I do need cash,so if you can give me any leads id be very grateful.i need 799 lindies as an initial goal,650 lindies a month after that.i can negotiate but prefer that goal.
  5. I'm intreasted,but need to see if I can handle your sim,I'm on wifi so it is hit and miss.if I could get a landmark and come to your club,get to know you guys and if I don't lag out badly ill ask for a simple job.i got a set income in shooting for.but i can negotiate,its not alot,I just need to buy one item to finish my avi,from there on out i need enough to buy a hud for new players in my RPG.my account I'm on now is new,I had my original one hacked.i been playing SL sense they opened their doors.I have avi's that are low key and wont cause any conflicts of interest,though my main avi is a blasphemy demon in working on.my last peice is 799 lindens.
  6. I'm needing a job,mainly to keep up in my bloodlines game.also to finish my avitare.my initial goal is 800 lindens.after that maby 700 a month for daily SL expenses.im not familiar with clubs but could learn,and have a few low key avitares that wont cause any conflicts of interest.my main avi is a blashemy demon.im almost done just ran out of cash.any simple job will work,babysitting,security,greeter,I don't know what's available but I'm open minded and willing to apply myself.please help
  7. Well I got like 2000 lindies given to me but I got good friends.it would be nice to find a way to make fast cash though,my wifi sucks so its almost impossible to go to any clubs.and between my avi and bloodlines yea I kinda do need cash.i know there are like I guess 'mini games',if you will in SL,just need to know a few.i can't speak on the stupidity of the person that posted this question,maby he's a kid I don't know.im asking cause its been a long time sence i needed cash and I forgot.
  8. Not to sure where to ask this,by all means redirect me if needed.im stumped on finding scripts for my avi,need a few,good premade scripts,not worried about mod and transfer,I'm only one that's going to use them.I'm looking for like a crow summon script for a tree avi I'm doing.like a flock of fling crows.any help is wanted
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