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  1. Hello there! I've been getting pretty frustrated with this issue. Voice can't seem to connect and I've tried nearly everything I've found in here https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice. It was working a week ago perfectly on Firestorm, when it stopped I jumped to use in the meantime the SL Viewer but now I get the same error on it. If anyone has any other ideas on how this can be solved I'd appreciate them~ Here's the message I get (translated since my viewer is set in Spanish, sorry): We are unable to connect to the voice server: www.bhr.vivox.com The ports that must be allowed for voice are: :TCP: 80, 443, :UDP: 3478, 3478, 5060, 5062, 6250, 12000-32000 Check your network and security server setup. Disable the SIP ALG feature of your router. You won't be able to stablish voice communications. So far I've tried: -The basics of just resetting voice form the preferences, doing that from a lag free sim, disable voice, relog and enable again and all those variants. -Restarting modem and computer -Check if the problem was the hardware (mi headet or the built in of the laptop) -Check that Skype wasn't running also in the back -Checked that there was only one instance of SLVoice.exe working -Tried adjusting the bandwith settings -Checking that SLVoice wasn't blocked by the antivirus and firewall. While I was on it I added it as an exception of the antivirus just in case. Even tried deactivating completely both before opening the viewer. -Also found that SIP ALG thing and disabled it Well, if you have any other ideas about what it could be I'll be happy to hear them! I hope it's fixable since sl is not as fun for me without voice. ^_^'
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